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Motherhood : A dilemma of responsibilities

  • April 8, 2016
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Motherhood : A dilemma of responsibilities

‘Motherhood’ being the happiest part of life to a woman, not only is a fulfilling moment but a defining moment as well, as she has never felt anything like that before. Breastfeeding, unlike other natural phenomena, is not enjoyed by every mother. A new mother not only deals with changing hormones and body, but also adjusting to the new fact that she has given birth to a new life and requires to take care of. This is the first challenge a mother faces.

  1. Will she able to feed her baby?
  2. Will she able to take care of her baby?
  3. Is she accepted by her baby?

Lots of tribulations building up in her mind with lots of doubts and fears but deep down a healing touch by the baby fades away all the worries. Simply gazing in the eyes of the baby, holding the tiny hands, the firming grip of the baby, the first cry, the first confused smile all are so beautiful.

Even the first passage of stool comes as a celebration to the family.

Usually at this point of time not ofamily-clipart-FamilyDayWithBabyynly family but the husband has a pivotal role in giving boost to the mother. Motherhood can only be enjoyed if her family is supportive and gives her the right to make decisions for the baby and herself.

It’s just this initial period of 15 days where both mother and the baby need to adjust with each other, knowing each
other’s patterns and behavior. Every baby, being special, makes it very difficult to predict the feeding pattern. The only mantra to surpass this time is patience. Patience, not only with the feeding pattern,  but also with the unpredictable behavior of the baby. Things can be as smooth as it is dealt. Family support to the mother also works wonder for the situation. Most importantly; the mother and the family should happily enjoy this time and welcome the new addition to their family. Being happy and stress free brings a positive environment where the baby can belong well.

Ms Priya Gandhi
Ms Priya Gandhi

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Ms. Priya Gandhi
Lactation consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
MSc. Nursing in Cardiology, Jamia Hamdardv University
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