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10 Golden Rules of Anesthesia

  • May 30, 2013
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10 Golden Rules of Anesthesia

The 10 golden rules of anesthesia is universally accepted as basic safety requirements needed for starting anesthesia.

Golden rules anesthesia

  1. Assess the patient and Prepare the patient well
  2. Starve him – even for Local Anesthesia
  3. Anesthetise him on a tipping table for head down tilt in case of emergency.
  4. Check your drugs and equipment personally
  5. Keep an effective suction ready
  6. Keep his airway clear
  7. Be ready to control his ventilation
  8. Have a vein open for giving emergency medications.
  9. Monitor his Pulse and B.P.
  10. Always keep an assistant who can apply cricoid pressure (sellick’s maneuvre)


  • A: Assessment and preparation of patient
  • N: Nil per oral
  • E: Equipment and drugs checked
  • S: Suction working
  • T: Tipping table
  • H: Have a vein open
  • E: Evaluate vitals
  • S: Somebody to help
  • I: Intubation (Ventilation control)
  • A: Airway clear


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