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Regaining Confidence after Failure

  • October 29, 2012
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Regaining Confidence after Failure

Medical Students life is not any short of hassle and obstacles. And these hurdles come in many forms. In form of Failure, Depression, Suffocation , Regret and Detachment from Social life. But its the Determination that eventually heals all these and makes thing right as long as you want to give yourself a chance.

“Failure ” I stress upon ” Failure” must not be a cause of another failure. Failure is a part of life, we have to learn to cope with it , learn from mistakes and give life a better stand in upcoming challenges. I’m not trying to take failure lightly, but instances when it couldn’t be avoided, failure in exams should not cost you another.

“Failing in Exams in Bachelors and Masters is common and it doesn’t matter later, if you can pick yourself back into the right tract. Certificates and Medals alone don’t make a Good Doctor, A good doctor is born  out of Hardwork, Dedication, love for this Profession, Patient care, Skill, Communication and importantly your power of Decision Making.

Exams are part of Medical students life and are a very frequent part. Students work hard but still success may not be on their part for many reasons.

” A child falls numerous time when it learns to walk, falling is never a cause of giving up, he stands and walks again and again, till he learns walking perfectly. The confident man or woman it later becomes comes out of what he/she has learned and from mistakes that has been corrected.”

This applies in everything else. So if you look back into history The Greatest People have failed initially and the were great because they could correct their mistakes.

Albert Eiestein was poor at maths but later developed priciples that rocked the foundation of Physics.

Charles Darwin: In his early years, Darwin gave up on having a medical career and was often chastised by his father for being lazy and too dreamy. Darwin himself wrote, “I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.” Perhaps they judged too soon, as Darwin today is well-known for his scientific studies.

Thomas Edison: In his early years, teachers told Edison he was “too stupid to learn anything.” Work was no better, as he was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. Even as an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Of course, all those unsuccessful attempts finally resulted in the design that worked.


List of people joins the people who met success after failing.

  • Billionaires: 25
  • Millionaires: uncounted
  • U.S. Presidents: 8
  • Astronauts: 1 (Valentina Tereshkova)
  • Nobel Prize Winners: 10 (6 Literature, 2 Peace, 1 Physics, 1 Chemistry)
  • Nobel Prize Nominees: 11 (includes above and Heather Mills)
  • Olympic Medal Winners: 8 (7 Gold Medalists, one Silver Medalist)
  • Oscar Winners: 62
  • Oscar Nominees: 104 (includes above)
  • Other Award Winners: uncounted
  • Best-Selling Authors: 55
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients (U.S.’s highest civilian honor): 14
  • Congressional Gold Medal recipients (U.S.): 12
  • United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors: 2 (Roger Moore, Angelina Jolie)
  • Knighthoods: 27
  • Damehoods: 3


What I mean is students should not get disheartened by Failing in Exams and completely lose all Hope. I know its a hard thing to cope, specially when you have to lag behind your friends, but this is real life. You have to face unforeseen problems.Failing may be out of Under-preparation, Anxiety or Nervousness or many times of Sheer luck.  Keeping all the Negative Aspects aside and those Inspirational People in front of you, Give it another shot and this time you wont fail.

Good preparation for Exams doesn’t mean ust Studying hard. You have to Broaden your thinking and look at all aspects. 

  1. Is it the Handwriting?
  2. Is it my way of Presentation?
  3. Is it my speed that cause me miss question?
  4. Is it my hastiness or Nervousness ?
  5. Is it my lack of preparation?
  6. Is it a particular subject that’s difficult for me?
  7. Is it the Viva where I become dumb?
  8. Is it my behaviour and puctuality in lectures ( Impression) ?
  9. Did I argue with my Professors?
  10. Was it the luck playing hard on me?

All these matter, and if you can localize on your short coming, you can find a solution as well. As a part of it, I leave it to yourself to solve the problem, when you can make a comeback , I promise your Confidence will make its Comeback as well.

 Authors words: This article in no way intends to Underestimate the pain and hardship a Medical students has to go through when they can’t find success in exams. I understand it, myself being a Medical student, I’m well aware about it. But I also have seen such strong people who never gave up and cameback each time Stronger than before. I salute them. This Article is intended to inspire those who really needed it. Hope it helped you.

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  • Hi! I have a month for my final mbbs exam! I have 2 subjects. Paediatrics and obs and Gyanec. I need a schedule.

  • Hello sir… my 2nd year results are out… n i failed in all 4 subjects… n it ws bczz of my lack of preparation…. i knw i want to prepare well this time… but i’m very much stressed…i’m nt able to concentrate.. i jst keep crying evrytm… plzz hlp me….

  • Sir thank for the inspiration…but still i’m half dead now… i couldn’t pass for 2 subjects in my 1st year mbbs… this was the job i totally dreamt for … and now…all is gone…i have next exam on february … i should get d best marks nd passs… how can i… ;(

  • Sir..I am a final yr MBBS student..I failed in anatomy during my first yr…I became additional… I was very much depressed those days…Then I overcame it myself..I studied well..n passed with 75%in anatomy..in subsequent years also I got more than 70%marks…but now I am very much depressed…in our Clg they are not interested to take class for us since we r additional batch.. ..(espcly general surgery dept)..showing very much partiality….Don’t know how to start final year..pls pls help me sir….

  • Thanks for filling confidence and courage in me teacher,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Sir,I failed in my final year exam by 5 marks.I was an academicaly bright student.so this unexpected failure is killing me daily..I don’t have the strength to face other friends in college..I don’t know how to overcome this.some of my friends told me to try preparing fr Pg at this time so u will be engaged..but I am not able to concentrate in that.. Whenever I open the book I am remembering the failure..kindly help me sir…

  • I failed in one subject of my Final MBBS Professional exams. Am I eligible for writing the AIIMS PGE? What is the eligibility criteria to write AIIMS PGE?

  • I’m failing by large number of marks in anatomy and biochemistry I was not a all prepared I knew this before exmas feeling depressed I m preparing for supplemetry exmas please guide me and help me coming out of this guilt

  • I’m a first year mbbs students I failed in anatomy and biochemistry final exams not by
    1-2 marks but by many many marks I don’t want to fail again I wanna pass please help me I feeling really very depressed and shameful

  • Hahahaha! Never fear of life children! Mbbs is nothing to be afraid of failing, loosing or getting nailed! I was in additional nath for 3 years in my mbbs years..felt a lot bad then! But when i realised my potential and studied and got my M.s in gen.surgery my batch mates were still in their m.b.b.s degree(who were in regular batch!) No iam a cardiothorasic surgeon in kerala! So dont make a small bubble out of mbbs and live in it fearing when it will pop! So dear fellow medicos.. Learn with ur heart..not to just PASS.. Ur getting a gods hand with that knowledge! Iyz worth it 😉

    • Thank u sir.. i failed in my final yr exams.. really i studied very well.. im very dpressed. Im not able to comeup with this.. i feel very low.. im not able to study gor the next exams.. i think who failed in their exam, not able crack pg exams .. ur words really inspiring me

    • Thank You Sir, Even I want to pursue Gen Surg

    • How is future in Gen Surg?

      • Look into it in your setting, In India and Nepal, scope for MCH is there after general surgery. If you can become a good one in it, you’ll do well.

  • See…I know this site is for mbbs ones, but I am not one still now. I am giving my mbbs entrance tests and I really want to be a doctor. All my family thinks that I am going to get enrolled in MBBS in this year only. But i have some serious doubts about it as I know that I have not studied enough. I fail to work according to the schedule I prepare. Its the same every single time. I don’t know what happens. I am giving many exams and I won’t do donations for admission. Should I repeat a year for preparing again and Please give me some tips to improve myself so that I can get enrolled in mbbs and also become a good doc.

    • Akki
      How many years have you lost?
      Getting into MBBS isn’t the end of the story but the start . There are lost of struggles thereafter as well. If you are truly committed to get into MBBS, get the preparation books followed in MBBS preparatory institute and join courses if possible. In India things are very competitive. Look for scholorship quota in SAARC countries as well.

  • Sir i failed in my final year…in 1 subject by 3 marks…i totally didnt xpecty result..:(:(..now i am really scared about my future..will this affect my future studys?? Will i b considered as second opinion at any work places…??..pls help sir:((:(

    • Mia,
      Failure in Subjects wont matter. Being a GOOD Doctor is different thing. Don’t lose confidence.
      For future studies – no it won’t make much difference
      For Job- Do your PG well and MBBS won’t matter much.


  • Sir I m MBBS 1 st yr ,I failed for the second time in anatomy by 2 marks ,after so much hard work seriously I’m shocked , no I’m gonna miss my batch ,I’m gonna miss all the fun in my life ………..

    • Dont feel low, you wont lose anything. No one will ever ask you later if you can just pass out and get a degree. Just will make you stronger. Keep up your determination, life not ends here, but it starts here.

    • Don’t get dishearten Harsha,
      Life doesnt end here. Good doctor is something different, try to become a good doctor despite of all this. I assure you it wont matter much if you dont lose confidence.

  • Sir I will be getting my 3rd year results anytime soon..I am very tensed..this is incapacitating me..my exams were below average.. Will the corrections be lenient? Plz help..i belong to rguhs university

    • Corrections will certainly be more lenient, as per my view as an Examiner. Stay cool.

  • My results are yet to come. Iam in first yr.around 20marks in anatomy i hav faild to answer due to stress in exam hall which hindred me frm reading questions properly.i dnt knw wat kind of result i wil get. Plz help me to cum out of tis stres.

  • thanks a lot good sir really inspired 🙂

  • Very inspiring article.

  • I’m realy touched sir…
    thanx alot

  • its like totally based on me
    thanx for this wonderful article

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