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NMCLE Exam : Books,Question pattern and tips

  • April 17, 2016
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NMCLE Exam : Books,Question pattern and tips

Nepal Medical council licensing exam has been a big heartbreak to MBBS passed out doctors recently with higher failure rates each year. 1000s of MBBS doctors from within and outside the country face the exam and has recently been a focus of media criticism for high failure rates in sensitive medical field.  Through our recent experiences and research, we have published this article to help students walk-through the NMCLE with more comfort.


1. Time Interval for exam: Every 4 monthly council exams are organised.

2. Requirements: MBBS passed out from a NMC recognized medical college.

3. Experience required: Atleast 6 months rotatory internship in NMC recognized centre

4. Duration of exam: 3 hours

5. Total marks: 180 marks

6. Marks distribution subject wise:

nmcle question pattern

7. Books to help you out:

  1. Sarad Chandra
  2. Exit through NMCLE ( All questions copied from Sarad chandra)
  3. Stepping out of NMCLE
  4. A book of Choice for NMCLE
  5. First Aid USMLE

8. Minimun duration needed to pass: 2-4 weeks  Ideal time: 1-2 months

9. Don’t miss community medicine and basic statistics: Most student ignore this section and is cause of loss in the end. Focus on basic sciences equally and not just on clinical subjects.

10. Time management is very important:  As there are lots of questions, it is not useful to waste time hanging on one question you do not know well. Pass on to another question and return to those questions in the end.

* * There are preparation classes with crash courses for NMCLE in various sites within the Kathmandu valley as well.

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