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Medical Thesis and Research: Importing your excel data on SPSS

  • November 4, 2013
  • 1 min read
Medical Thesis and Research: Importing your excel data on SPSS

Medical students always have a problem with statistics , leaving alone exceptions. Statistics have always been a headache but a needed pain. It is a part of medical life. Just treating isn’t enough, reporting and researching is a must.


Step 1: Entering the data in EXCEL is the wisest first thing to do.

Why Enter data on Excel?

1. Built by the giant Microsoft., Reliable and user friendly.

2. Prevents sudden data loss, restore function.

3. Simple pull techniques can fill lot of data.

4. Can always be submitted to a statistician or can be imported in SPSS for data analysis.

5. Can create simple calculations and graphs.

Step 2: Save the file normally in xlsx format.

Step 3: Open SPSS

SPSS excel import 1


Click on File –> Open–> Data

Chose the Excel file on “Type of file” after localizing the excel file.

Open it.

excel to spss import



Following box appears and click Ok

excel to spss import


Your Excel data will be imported in SPSS.

The first row will be your variables.

Hope this will be helpful. Easy but needed tip.

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