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How to improve your Study environment and mood

  • October 19, 2014
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How to improve your Study environment and mood

1. Re- design your Study room and reorient the table near the window with adequate lighting and fresh air. You can visit this site for help with lighting installation. Read the details on Designing a study room.

2. Set up a Study music – a soothing and soft instrumental music can boost your mood, allay anxiety and remove the feeling of loneliness while studying.

3. Set up an aquarium or a fish bowl on the study table or near by and watch the fishes swim and play. A well scaped and planted aquariums with colorful fishes can be a good idea for students. But it also consumes time in maintenance. I always kept a fish bowl with a Betta ( Fighter) on my study table during my final exam. It was a great company and experience. Here is a beta fish care guide for you to look at.

fish aquarium bowl

4. Meditation- Boost your optimism and  concentration for studies, refreshes your mind and abates all the frustrations.

5. Keep a company- Study partner always boost your study mood and determination. Make sure you have a good study partner for this.

6. Incense- burning a mild and sweet smelling incense can create a great environment to start your study in the morning. Make sure it is not too strong and don’t use too many of them at a time.

burning 2

7. A waterfall– an artificial waterfall can be created near by. The sound of flowing water takes you back to nature where you can study with a pleasant feeling.


8. A Table lamp- although it sounds common, but a table lamp on with lights off in the room, is a great way to focus on the books and a great boost for a study mood to most people.


9. Coffee maker– Keeping a coffee maker in the study room with few cups a day during exam, should not harm you. A coffee a day, keeps laziness away .

10. Access to Internet- accessing videos, online articles, powerpoints can broaden your aspect of studying and take you to a whole newer level of knowledge.


  • I wish to know how much marks an mbbs 1st year student wants in sesionals and final exam ,theory, viva ,practicals…how its calculated to pass

    • Depends entirely on your university.

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