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How to Motivate yourself to Study: Tips for Students

  • September 8, 2016
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How to Motivate yourself to Study: Tips for Students

The worst time is in the middle of anything or time, when you don’t know how to start and where to start from. Starting of a semester is misused and exams are yet pretty far. I call this a ‘Desert period’ where the productivity of a student is almost zero like that of a Desert but like a lost wanderer, you are anxious and searching for a destination. Here the Desert is without a map and it makes you unmotivated to move to your destination. Times are lost watching Serials like House MD, Gray’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones and books have collected adequate dust where you can engrave words with your fingers. The worst thing is inside at the end of day or next morning, you have anxiety as last day nothing really was done. So, what you need is a motivation, so that you can start studying in this Desert of Semesters.

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Does Studying needs motivation?

Yes, if you are not a geek. Books aren’t interesting until something motivates you, be it a case or an aim.

So How Can I motivate myself to study?

Here are my personal tips and for me it always worked.

 Rearrange your Study Room: This may sound absurd but this is important. In the middle of a semester, you need to convince your mind that you are making a fresh start. Rearranging study room to make your mood to study was previously written in this magazine. A fresh arrangement heads you to a fresh start.

Make a plan: So how many days are left for the Exams and how will you study? Will you read for exams or for your interest? Make a lesson plan, so that each week you can set a target to complete.

Wake up early and start :  The morning calm environment is a boost to study than the tiring evenings. Coffee is refreshing.

Involve your peers: Involving a peer or a group for studying will not only motivate you but also your peers. Group study is a great way of learning.

Continue studying everyday: Making studying a everyday habit makes it easier as breaks in the schedule and habit of procrastinating things will demotivate you.

Use reference books, Internet for details and try to understand things that will take time to understand later on. Make flowcharts of things that will be short cut for studying later. eg. Mechanism of action potential, cardiac contraction etc.

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Keep yourself keen and on tract– Once you get lagged back in your schedule, your motivation might fall low. In order to avoid this keep up with your schedule and keep your self keen on completing the parts on time.

Use Music as soothing factor for studying: Here is a list of instrumental I made. 

Take Breaks in between schedule :  So that you feel life is something other than studies as well. Study hard , party hard.

For more suggestions, please comment on the section below.

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  • hello..
    i just wanted to know whether pdf is better or hard copy of the book for studies?

  • How we plan to read the book for exam or interest? Is there any spesific moment to differentiate that?

    • You can either make a countdown schedule for exam, and convice yourself to cover certain chapters per day. This will be motivating if you really keep up with your schedule.
      Reading book for interest is choosing topics and subjects you find interesting and study without sequence. It will be as beneficial. Like I was fond of pathology and had obsession to learn every interleukin and TNFs involved in a pathogenesis.

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