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Can I become a Doctor without attending Medical school?

  • September 28, 2014
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Can I become a Doctor without attending Medical school?

This was an interesting question asked to us by own of our readers who has ambition of becoming a Medical Doctor. Well, for an instance the question might sound funny for most Medical people, but it is a big question and an issue well raised by a genuine student. We respect his enthusiasm.

When I recalled back, most of the things of the MBBS days, I realize most of the studying was more of self-study than through Lectures and classes, Is it really possible to become a Doctor, if We study all the course with hardship back from the home? Is hard work enough to become a Doctor?

        Do you remember an episode called ” Aayushman “, a self prepared doctor and could perform great surgeries just through studying books. Is this possible in real life?

The answer would be No.

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Because becoming a doctor is less about studying and more about the practical knowledge. All the education we attain are practical and directed towards the patient management and understanding. Moreover the exposure to patients is the most important platform Medical schools provide. Learning from experienced teachers and professors, their stressing on important aspects in Medicine and share of their experience and by copying their behavior, we mature from our immaturity. Working under them we gain the confidence to deal with disease and manage cases appropriately. We learn values and ethics from them.

Unlike any other subject, gaining degree of medicine from online or from home is impossible till date. Without exposure to a medical school and hospital, the practical aspect would always be lagging. Although YouTube videos might be helpful in learning procedures, it is unlikely that one can perform one on humans without lot of assists and live observations.

Like our Professors say, Patient is the most important textbook, no books will teach you more than the patient. When you see a case of Pneumonia, all the symptoms and signs and you investigate and manage the case, only then you have truly known pneumonia. Books can only give you a background idea. So patient exposure is the most important thing. We can see, students who passed out from Schools which had more patient flow are usually better clinically.

So, it is a good question born out of enthusiasm, but, till today, such degree is not possible without attending a medical school. And we wound like to thank our reader for the genuinely raised question, that made us think for a time being.

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