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How to organize an effective group study

  • December 19, 2021
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How to organize an effective group study

Effective study not only makes you more confident but also creates an inspiration to achieve more. Group Study has been one of the most effective model of studying. Studying in group creates a more competitive , inspirational environment and aptitude for more knowledge.

Question is how to plan and effective Group study. This question has been asked by several of our readers.

1. Is group study effective?

Studies have shown that Group study is the an optimal and effective model of study. Group study is very effective when you have a tolerance to sit back and study in a group. Some people prefer Self-study. A personal choice is most important but it is still worth a try.

There are 3 reasons people avoid group study

a. If you are a quick-reader, you could lose time when studying in group as you need to give time for lagging friends.

b. Some believe quiet and solitude is needed for best concentration

c. Some students are unwilling to accept the situation where they have to expose their knowledge with a group.

2. How many members should be enrolled in a group?

Usually 3-4 students will be most effective for MBBS, or medical subjects. But with my experience, if you have a good and smart study partners, Three is the MAGIC number.  2 can still be a good group.

Avoid studying in groups that has more than 4 members. It becomes more of a pot-pouri. You are likely to waste more time.

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3. How to chose study partner?

The most critical decision is choice of study partner. What are the things that your partner should have ?

a. Must be at least average student. Make sure you are helped by the study rather than just helping them.

b. Must be dedicated in study. Don’t chose partner based on your friendship, but on their interest in studying.

c. Can be He or She , but should be available, comfortable and easy going, not egoistic and willing to accept and offer help.

d. Practical and optimistic – Do not chose people who are impractical, have impossible targets and who make you anxious. One should be calm and optimistic.

e.  Study partner should not be busy or engaged in some other activities.

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4. Where can we sit to study?

It should be somewhere, where there is freedom to speak loudly. Use a reading room in your apartments for rent in austin tx, your home rather than library where there is restriction of speech.

Room should be cool and comfortable and spacious, where you have adequate space to walk around, spread your books. Studying on a carpet on the floor is more comfortable for some, as there is lot of space.

Design your study environment.

5. How to study in a group- techniques

  • Studying same topics and teaching- All the members go through a chapter and one member in group can give lectures on topic while other check and recall themselves as well. The one who is taking the lecture should prepare short hand so that he/she does not miss any topic.
  • Studying different topics and teaching each other- Members prepare different topics and teach each other, then other member go through the chapter.
  • Post study discussion and questions- You can ask each other questions and discuss the queries and confusions.
  • Make stories, scenarios, role play to make things better memorable. Eg. If you feel Meningitis is hard to remember topic. One can act to have meningitis and show friends symptoms while other acts as doctor who elicits signs and sends test and treats the patient. This can be very effective but should be done for important and hard to remember topics and not for all topics,so that things done mix-up.
  • Can include videos materials from youtube into study. Eg Remembering branches of Internal Carotid artery video

6. What if the group study is not helping

If you think the group study is not helping, your study speed and pattern are being compromised, you should consider quitting to Self-study or change groups. You can have self-assessment in group by conducting Mock-exams, MCQs.

7. What additional things can be added to group study model.

  • Add, audio-visual aid, charts and flow diagrams, extra references and study materials.
  • Go to a senior as a group and learn some topics from them.
  • Go to bedside for practice sessions in a group.
  • Conduct practicals within a group.
  • Have a leisure time for self, a tea or break with the group or for self.

If you have any better tips for students planning a Group Study or if you have any query regarding the topic, please comment, the Writer welcomes all feedbacks.

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