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NMC licencing exam 2016: Nepal on top

  • August 3, 2016
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NMC licencing exam 2016: Nepal on top

Each year,   1000s of  Nepalese doctors graduating from several countries, appear for licensing exam which will allow them to legally practice Medicine in Nepal. In the year 2016, total applicants for the licence were 1030, among whom 753 passed ie 73%.

Looking at the success rates ,

Nepal , China and Bangladesh are producing the most number of MBBS graduates viz. Nepal has a great passing rate of  80%. China has poor results with 51% and Bangladesh has a good result with 76% passing rate.

Among the 6 students appearing from Kyrgyzstan, only 1 has passed the exam. Philippines has a good rate of 92% although the number was less. It appears that for the first time, a gradute from iceland has passed Nepal Medical council licencing exam.


Analysis shows that Nepal and Bangladesh graduates are performing very well while Philippines is following the list.

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