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List of Medical Colleges Of Nepal

  • December 26, 2009
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List of Medical Colleges Of Nepal

Medical Colleges in Nepal- 2015 updated article

Currently, about 20 Medical Colleges are operating in Nepal (both governmental and private colleges). Most of the colleges are affiliated to 2 main Universities of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu University (KU) and Tribhuvan University/IOM (TU). The minimum time period for completion of MBBS course in KU is 5 and 1/2 years and in TU is around 6 years including internship.

The international country code for Nepal is +977

nepal medical colleges

Tribhuvan University (T.U) affiliated

Name of College Location Contact Website
Institute of Medicine (IOM) Maharajgunj,
1-4413729 www.iom.edu.np
Universal Medical College (UCMS)
Bhairawaha 71-522896
National Medical College (NMC)
Birgunj 51-532261
06252- 232895 (India)
Janaki Medical College (JMC) ***
Janakpur 41 – 526121 www.jmcedu.com.np
KIST Medical College (KISTMCTH)
Chitwan Medical College (CMC)
56-592366 www.cmc.edu.np
Gandaki Medical College (GMCTHRC)
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences ( NAIHS)


+977 1-4881259
Fax: + 977-1-4881263

***- had financial problem and students are recommended to explore in details about current status before applying for this Medical college.


Kathmandu University (KU) Affiliated:

Name of College Loacation Contact Website
College Of Medical Sciences (CMS)
Bharatpur 56-524203 www.cmsnepal.edu.np
Nepalgunj Medical College Chisapani, Nepalgunj 81-521572
81- 523182
Kathmandu Medical College (KMC)
Duwakot and Sinamangal, Ktm 1-6616781
Nepal Medical College (NMC)
School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)
Dhulikhel 11-490707 www.dhulikhelhospital.org
Lumbini Medical College (LMC) Tansen,
75-520840 www.lmc.edu.np
Nobel Medical College Biratnagar 21-460735
Manipal Medical College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS)
Pokhara 61-440600
080-64500466 (India)



B.P. Koirala Institute Of Health Sciences (BPKIHS)

  • Location: Ghopa, Dharan
  • Contact: 25-525555
  • Website: www.bpkihs.edu

Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)

  • Location: Patan
  • Contact: 1-5545112
  • Website: http://www.pahs.edu.np/

National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS)

  • Location: Mahaboudha, Kathamndu
  • Contact: 1-4478784, 1-4452125
  • Website: http://nams.org.np/
  • Post Graduate (PG) program only

For complete list of cost of admission, food, hostel in these colleges jump to:


In Pipeline- Pending approval

Manmohan Medical College

Peoples Medical College

Nepal Police Medical College

Kathmandu National Medical College

Birat Medical College

Devdaha Medical College

Ashwin Medical College

@ Updated 2015

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  • i am passed 12th from india.now i want to take direct addmission in mbbs in nepal.please give the procedure how to take direct admission in mbbs……thanku….

    • You can directly contact medical college administration for foreign seat and get admitted. Its not a complicated procedure.

  • Sir,
    please tell the name of colleges for mbbs which are:-
    1)recognised my mci
    2)in which after studying i dont need to appear for screening test in india and i can pg from india…

  • sir, i want to know that which medical college is best for indian students to do mbbs from nepal , is bpkihs good for indian student ,is it mci recognized ,and after doing mbbs from bpkihs i am able to do practice in india or not and what is the the processor for indian to take addmission in bpkihs.

  • i have plan to study in lumbini medical college … kindly suggest me LMC is good or bad?
    please do reply …thank you

    is lumbini medical college of palpa recognise by MCI???


    • According to people, the college is good. It is not recognized by MCI.

  • dear admin i want to take admision in mbbs in nepal .i hv pased 12th nd hv above 50% mark. Then hw cn take admisn.wher cn i got admisn form,each clge separate application form wil be requird? Nd entrance exm is required for indians r only for nepal student.

  • sir is there any difference in mbbs syllabus in nepal wrt india

  • sir i would like to know if universal medical college(UMC) is certified by MCI.

    • It is not certified by MCI

  • Sir, I am in India and want to pursue MBBS from Nepal. I want to practice as a Doctor in India only. I know for it, I have to pass MCI screening test after my MBBS course. So please tell me, does MCI allow me to give MCI screening test after completing MBBS from any college of Nepal or any restriction with some colleges. And please tell me all MCI recognized medical colleges in Nepal. Thanks.

    • Kamal jeet, it’s good you are planning ur future ahead. but for giving cmplete information we need ur present qualification (are you currently a 12th standard student or have passed 12th). Not all degrees from all the colleges are MCI listed or recognised but mostly they are. To appear in MCI screening you should have completed MBBS from a MCI listed college. for this visit the above given links n most of the colleges have mentioned their recognition status with MCI. Best wishes.

  • for your kind information i have not sais that it is following nepali syllabus, i have sais that it is USA pattern. I am an Indian and i have my sources through students studying in AIIMS.

  • Sir i was a average student in +2 and now i am waiting for my result. My father is convincing and suggesting me to study mbbs now. But i was just a average student in my college life as well as in school life. I am not such tallent and topper fellow. So can i do mbbs? what about the entrance exams of KU and TU for mbbs. Is it really touff.. I am not doing any preparation classes right now.. so sir please reply to my few questions that i mentioned above.

    • Exams by TU are far more tougher than KU. So, if you get a choice, opt for KU.

      • Ayush ji, r u mbbs student ?

        • hey Admin why are you not giving your reply to my query that i posted on july 21

        • i have taken admission in MBBS. TU’s syllabus is USA pattern while that of KU is India pattern. Recently AIIMS has also started TU pattern of teaching in MBBS.

          • Can you cite the source of this information? ;)I don’t think it makes any sense to say Nepalese syllabus guide the syllabus of AIIMS….lol

    • Average student can go for MBBS if they vow to study hard.
      If you can work hard you will succeed.
      You will need a lot of interest as well.

      You can go for past questions for TU/KU entrance.

  • Dear Admin,
    Sir, I have a querry reguarding “MCI recognition of Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar.” Also guide me- “if a candidate does MBBS from a college not recognised by MCI but only by NMC, then, will he be elidgible to appear for MCI screening post MBBS or not?”

    • No, Nobel Medical College is not recognised by Medical Council of India……..

      • so, will i no be elidgible for appearing in MCI screening after doin MBBS from there?

    • By NMC, here i mean nepal medical council

  • sir,
    i appeared in entrance exams for MBBS but i am getting only BDS, hoping to do MBBS from nepal. Could you please guide me to the name of some colleges recognised by MCI or atleast THE MEDICAL COUNCIL OF NEPAL, to do my MBBS from without appearing in any exams?

    • !!!!!!!!!! doing MBBS without appearing for exams is next to impossible!!!!!!!!!!BPKIHS is recognised by MCI and NMC both……..

  • Sir,
    I am a student of +2 science from Ilam,Nepal.I want to study microbiology in Bsc. level. In which part of microbiology is best for me, and which have bright future. What is the scope of microbiology in nepal? Plz sir give me quick reply as soon as possible.

    • Hello Sitaram, after B.Sc microbiology, you can be a lecturer, work in laboratories, researches, agriculture industry, food industry, etc. Medical microbiology is a promising career here in Nepal. Many people go abroad after completing BSc in microbiology. I leave it upto you to decide the best course for you.

  • If i don’t get admission this time, is it wise to wait for a year or to join other classes?

    • If you also have private medical colleges in self-finance as the option, it shouldn’t be very difficult to get admission in these colleges (TU, KU, and others) once you pass the entrance examination. You can also try for various embassies. If you still can’t make it and you do not want to go abroad and you have strong interest in medicine, you can wait for a year. Simultaneously you can join other classes if your unsure but you should be able to manage time for MBBS preparation as well.

      If you are trying for scholarship and only scholarship, waiting a year wouldn’t be a big thing because many do that.

  • Admin sir,

    I am an A-Level student who just finished the exam.I want to persue MBBS. But I have been told by people that persuing MBBS by an A-Level student is next to impossible. Is this the real case? Can’t an A-Level student persue MBBS? Or are they not preffered? If they are please show me the way.

    • This is not true. +2 and I.Sc course may have little benefit in relation to the syllabus for MBBS entrance examination. But you can do good in entrance examination with a little more hard work in entrance preparation courses. You need to make some adjustments but it is not impossible.

  • Admin Sir,

    I wish 2 pursue MBBS in Universal MC. Bit confused about its MCI stature. Do let me know if i need to appear for MCI Screening post Course….

    • MCI has withdrawn recognition from both Universal College (UCMS) and Manipal college (MCOMS) in 2008. So, you need to appear for MCI screening test.

  • Admin sir…I had posted my query on Dec 17. Just look about 3 comments up..U will get mine.My query is on Biomedical engineering.Being a student of just 12 , I donot have that level of intelligence to know detail on my interest.i.e.Biomedical engineering. My question is- Now what should I do to pursue Biomedical engineering carrer? The answers presumably are first complete MBBS or BE in computer or chemical or mechanical or electronics engineering.NOW..what I want to know is What significant difference will be there if I choose BE and then pursue Biomedical carrer or first complete MBBS and then Biomedical carrer. This question is so important to me because I am studying at 12 means I needt to focus for BE entrance or MBBS entrance.Besides..What is the scope of Biomedical engineering here in Nepal. What is the average salary? I donot saliva for money but I just want to know.Incase I am good in study..are there national or international scholorships? I want to be the best at it so I am asking for your help.

  • Sushmita.d
    We are not any Medical Institute or Organization.
    We are Medical Website only.

  • Admin..Please reply me!!
    I am so serious on my carrer as this period is threshold time of my life. Your suggestion and path shown could change my life.So..
    Please reply fast!!

    • Pushkar,
      Social-Life and Career should go side by side, if you cant chose one, go for Career- I suggest.
      If you turn out to be someone important for the Society, the society will be paid back and social-life will follow you.
      Until you are something, people today aren’t going to value you.
      So I suggest you to focus on your career.
      If you could make the question clear. I would be able to help you better.

  • Dear sir,
    I am studying in 12 now and I want to be a biomedical engineer in near future.So I want to know its scope and job opportunity here in Nepal.Besides, tell me which is the best way to pursue this field???Is it good to finish B.E. Or MBBS for it?? Moreover, what will be the difference in the carrer or job of the person who does MBBS and then Masters in Biomedical or the one who does B.E and the master in Biomedical. I know there is a college under Purbhanchal University which offers biomedical course for bachelor level but I am not interested on it. Please suggest me all the ways that I need to do from now to be a biomedical engineer.Also provide me links if there is international scholorships for this course.Lastly, donot forget to give average wage of biomedical engineer.I would be grateful to you.
    Thank you!

  • Sir,
    i m a MOE selected student n we need to prepare a priority list of three colleges..my rank is 19 n so which colgs sud i prefer…i hear kist medical colg to b not that good as other n its condtn is gettin bad…is this true…n i wish to choose CMC bharatpur..will that b good or sud i go on wid kist…

  • dear sir,
    Which is tu best college? Plz reply…

    • IOM is definitely the best medical college under TU. But KIST Medical College has proved to be best Medical shcool academically since their establishment.

      • Question is complex and vague,and (objective) criteria of ‘best’ not defined……..as such answer may be biased always.

  • Dear Sir,

    Are the MBBS programmes offered in Nepal recognized by India? Can the people who graduate MBBS from Nepal apply for jobs / MD programs in India?


    • Pardha S,
      The recognition depends upon the Medical College,
      In BPKIHS Dharan, most programs are Medical Council of India Recognized.
      In TUTH,IOM ENT and Anesthesia are recognized my MCI
      In Bhairawa Medical College, Medicine as well as few other subjects are MCI recognized.
      Hope these are helpful.

  • plz giv me ful datails BUMS

  • Very nice site!

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