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MBBS In Nepal

  • June 14, 2016
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MBBS In Nepal

Studying MBBS in Nepal is a good option for people who want to pursue Medical career. Here are detail information on MBBS study in Nepal.

Course duration:

  • KU/TU/BPKIHS: 2 + 2.5 + 1 = 5.5 years
  • PAHS: 0.5 + 2 + 2.5 + 1 = 6 years


  • KU: August
  • TU: November
  • BPKIHS: August
  • PAHS: August

Eligibility: 10+2 or I.Sc with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or equivalent, 50% in each and aggregate

Selection procedure: Must qualify in the entrance exam conducted by respective universities

Entrance syllabus/focus:

  • IOM: Based on HSEB, (P-20, C-30, B-50) and 5 marks from +2 aggregate
  • BPKIHS: No syllabus but based on HSEB, 200 marks
  • PAHS: No PCB, only PAQ with MOJAC (Moral Orientation in Justice And Caring), NACE (Narcissism, Aloofness, Confidence and Empathy), PCI (Personal Characteristic Inventory), MAT (Mental Ability Test) followed by interview
A bit old data but still provides general idea.
A bit old data but still provides general idea.
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  • Dr. Medchrome..
    I’m am a level passed st and I’m currently admitted in name institute to help me develope knowledge about the IOM entrance exam ..BUT more I try to understand the system ,I get myself more confused
    I checked the date for the upcoming exam schedule and it is clearly written that the exam is held on 7and 8 march but I also found out that the class session starts from august for eg Ku and it got me thinking that after I finish giving my entrance is there some month gap before the session starts

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