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IOM MD/MS Entrance MCQs Year 2014 Recalled

  • June 29, 2014
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IOM MD/MS Entrance MCQs Year 2014 Recalled

Institute of Medicine, TUTH has always been a top choice for graduates in Medicine wanting to persue their further career in Nepal. The entrance exam is one of the most rated exams in Medical field. We have published the 196 out of 200 MCQs recalled by one of the doctors. We are all thankful for his endeavour and his will to help the fellow medicos. Here is a list of Multiple Choice Questions collected by Dr Ved Dr. Ved Prakash Sah, BPKIHS, DHARAN

Tackling MCQs
Tackling MCQs

DOWNLOAD–  IOM MD MS ENtrance recalled MCQs

Dr Ved

   Contributed to Medical Online Magazine by

   Dr. Ved Prakash Sah


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