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How to Pass Final Year MBBS : Study Guide

  • December 9, 2021
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How to Pass Final Year MBBS : Study Guide

Final year MBBS, the soldier of Medicine’s mighty battle. As heard of, it is among the toughest exams that is conducted among all sectors. May or may not be true, but one truth our Professor said is surely true, ‘ A Final Year Student knows more than a Professor”. 

Well, Final year is so hyped thing that from the early MBBS you may have curiosity and fear of the final year, by Final year I mean Final MBBS exam. 

Medchrome Recommends Tips and Guidelines to follow to make a smoother exit out of MBBS finals

Beginning of preparation for Final year ideally starts after third year, but it’s never late. In the Final year itself you can make a base strong enough to appear for final exam.

Why is Final Exam so Important  in Medicine?

  1. It is the most impacting and rated exam in entire MBBS journey
  2. It is the assessment of you basic, clinical, practical skills, approach and outfit of your MBBS career.
  3. Failing here Lags you behind your friends.
  4. You are eager to enter the Internship rotations as early as possible.
  5. Failing makes you repeat all the course again and again and that is hectic.
  6. Seriously speaking, the Exam is a Tough one.

I do not mean to scare you or create an environment of apprehension. Realizing the above facts in time will help you till the end.

Final MBBS

When should Preparation Begin?

Minimum 3 months to a maximum period of 2 years, depending upon your ambition to score and become a worthwhile doctor. A 3 months is an enough period to pass MBBS final if you have done some level of readings, and attended regular classes in MBBS years. Making notes or having notes is a Add on bonus to have. But for the ones who want a good score and knowledge of the subjects will have to study at least from the beginning of the year.

Contraction to the estimate are few extra-ordinary students who have great catching power and speed , who can accomplish it even at shorter time , but it is not a land you can build your dreams on. So more time you give, more preparation you have.

Things to Do in Final Year MBBS

  1. Get more serious about studies
  2. Cut out on Movies, Serials, Games and other thing that indulges you too much.
  3. Get habituated to library or Create a good study environment. If you have a place to study, you can always improve your study environment to soothe you.
  4. Create a Group or study circle to match your needs.  Organize an effective group study.
  5. Use the Right moment to study things
  6. Divide time, Create a Routine.
  7. Know the Right Books
  8. Collect the notes and past questions.
  9. Consult a good Senior.
  10. Revise- recall- Discuss after studying all the time.
  11. Write things you need to remember and Paste it near your study table. Like Tumor classifications, Pediatrics- Growth and Development sequences, Nutritional values of foods.
  12. Keep a good hands on Practicals

Things to Avoid in Final Year MBBS

  1. Wasting time on indulging things like Television, Games, Novels.
  2. Excessive Stress of final year.
  3. Reading from too many sources.
  4. Only reading books and not making short hands or not highlighting important lines and facts while studying. Remember, for many, a book not underlined or ticked is as good as fresh book.
  5. Keeping Practical bedside for the last moment.
  6. forgetting that you have OSCEs and Spotters as well in final.
  7. Indulging self in Ego and jealousy that will cause more pressure.
  8. Being overconfident.


6 months to 1 Year Plan

  • Study on daily basis- 4-6 hours per day initially to up to 14 hours per day in last 3 months.
  • Sleep well in time and adequately ( 6-8 hours is required for adults)
  • Divide a fixed time for studying theory , Practical and references. Books recommeded by Medicotips
  • Practice maneuvers and bedside examinations from Macleod and Hutchinson on daily basis. Try to keep procedures at spinal level so that it comes fluently without you having to recall while examining. Books for Practical Bedside Examinations.
  • Keep a Weekend to freshen your self. Friday or Saturday Night. But Do not waste Saturdays or Sundays ( Holidays ). It is the best time to be free from classes an set an organized schedule, complete the missing things and to get a look into past questions.
  • Choose your study partner with whom you can discuss what you have read anytime.
  • Keep in touch with seniors, specially fresh Interns who will be able to guide you and will tell you the exact story of the coming exam. Your immediate seniors are the most valuable in your College. Know the important mistakes they have made, learn about the externals and how they behave and what they expect, how spotting and OSCE experiences were etc.
  • Read thoroughly and Systematically, do not jump topic to topic. When you read a Respiratory system, irrespective of other things, try to go through entire system over a time. Every book is written in a specific order and if you can catch that, you will be able to understand the content and basis of diseases better. ( like Davidson starts system with A-Z approach eg. GI system starts from oral cavity and ends in Rectum and anal canal )
  • Eat healthy and exercise, so that you don’t gather the feeling of being burnt out and laziness as months pass by.
  • Don’t miss classes, take down notes.
  • Underline what you have read to speed yourself in next reading.
  • Divide time for Subjects in the coming last 3 months. Creating exam routine for MBBS.
  • Appear for all tests and exams. They help you a lot.

3 Months plan and Crash course for MBBS final- will be covered in the coming article.

Next article will speak on

  • Creating a 3 months schedule
  • About the Final papers
  • About the Vivas
  • About the OSCE and Spotters
  • Students gross mistakes that should be avoided
  • Experience based guidance.

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  • i have a doubt about practicals
    medicine marks required to pass are 70/140
    if a person gets failed in practicals < 10 marks but overall he got 70
    now whether he passed r failed ??


  • Hi sir..i failed my pediatrics exam and it’s killing me cuz I passed all my 3 years smoothly and this year and I really worked hard for this exam I was failed for other reasons ..but I’ve taken it as a good sport now …can u tell me what I should do these 6 months ..i don’t know how to go about these pcs exams and the books what is preferable please do help me confused

    • For MBBS Pediatrics,
      OP Ghai is good enough and Reference book is Nelson text book.
      Prepare as per marks distribution.
      General Pediatrics
      Systemic Pediatrics
      Emergency Pediatrics
      Community Pediatrics

      Prepare well for Practicals. Books are Hutchingon, Macleod, Meherban singh and Piyush Gupta

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