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Best Books for PG Entrance: IOM

  • January 21, 2018
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Best Books for PG Entrance: IOM

Each year among thousands of PG aspirants appearing for MD MS in various faculties in Institute of Medicine, TUTH, Nepal, only few best ones will be able to bag the seats. They are termed as ” Cream of nation”. So, the quality of education, competitiveness and reputation makes this entrance one of the toughest in the nation. A common query for Medical students is, What are the Recommended books?

Another common query is :

Do I need to join PG preparation class ?

Not necessary. This is just a recent trend. If a student can study on own, after MBBS, no one can guide you better than yourself. Most of classes are not much effective and are for those who find difficulty in studying without inspiration. If you ask the toppers in any PG entrance, most will say, ” We prepared ourselves”.

Preparation can be done at home, but the books that are high yield in Medicine are needed for best outcome.


Which are the books to study for MD MS Entrance IOM?

These recommendations are based on review of our own experience of Medchrome team and discussion with dozens of PG doctors in Institute of Medicine, based on what they read for Entrance.

Entire course of MBBS is the target, but studying everything is not a proper way, nor is it human way. We have our own time and mental capacity limitations.  Therefore there are high yield topics that are commonly asked in every exams in every country. This means not everything is important that we study, but what are common in practice and needed in day to day practice of a clinician, appears as questions in exam.


Here are the list of Books:

  1. Quick review of PGMEE: Sarad Chandra Volume I, II and III – This has been a gold MCQ review book in Nepal, be it NMCLE exam or IOM, BPKIHS or KU. The book is a compilation of MCQs and a short reasoning to answers in form of boxes. Part I has Basic science, Preventive social medicine and Forensic science. Part II has Clinical medical topics and Part III has Surgery and Orthopedics.

  2. AIPGMEE :Mudit Khanna Volume I and II: A more complex and higher standard book with huge number of reviewed mcqs in previous years. Volume I has newer papers while II has older year papers. It is a must have book for entrance preparation.

  3. First Aid USMLE Book I and II:  Specially the Basic review Book I is very concise and high yield. If you go through the book, it is amazing book based on short review of topics of clinically important and relevant topics.

  4. KAPLAN USMLE series: If time permits. USMLE preparing students have had higher success in IOM historically and presently.

  5. Park and Park Community Medicine book: Reviewing important chapters from PSM book is important. Specially topics like Biostatistics, Epidemiology,etc aren’t to be missed.

  6. Bio-statistics review book: A book that was circulated among MBBS students in IOM is difficult to get hands on.

  7. Past-question compilation of PG entrance of IOM– various PG entrance books available are very useful. 20-30% questions usually repeat on average in any exam.

  8. ACROSS complete review of short subjects.


The Books are important in Ascending order for entrance.

One residents said “As per my experience, I prepared based on 25 days. Full day schedule, 200-300 questions per day with reasoning accelerating to 500-800 per day on revision. First aid USMLE was very helpful.”

So, if you have other ideas, please let us know in comment section.

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  • Thank you so much for your suggestion.Sir, I am a medical student studying mbbs 2 nd year in TU .Does it a good idea to prepare for PG from now like practising MCQs ,solving past question asked on pG or it will not late for preparing after completion of MBBS .Plese ,give some idea how could I study PG oriented beside theory orinted?

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