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Interesting Cases picture Gallery 2

  • January 1, 2011
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Interesting Cases picture Gallery 2
"Dinner Fork Deformity" in case of Colle's Fracture
Grade III clubbing Drumstick Appearance
Meningococcal rash in Meningococcal sepsis
Large cavernous hemangioma in Back
Tuberculous wart of skin of leg
Apert syndrome legs: Congenital disorder

Interesting cases in form of picture gallery.

1.The 1st one is a case of a boy who presented in ER- NMCTH with deformity of hands. X-ray showed Colle’s fracture.

2. Typical Grade 3 Clubbing of fingers in pt with Bronchogenic carcinome , MMCVTC, TUTH.

3. Fulminant rashes in patient diagnosed with Meningococcal septicemia in ER. Prophylactic antibiotics were taken by all exposed physicians.NMCTH.

4. A huge Cavernous hemangioma on back of a male patient was removed by vascular surgeons. Bled profusely but later patient discharged fine.MMCVTC, TUTH.

5. Warty appearance of lesion caused by Tuberculosis of Skin. NMCTH – Dermatolgy

6. A child with leg deformity typically seen in Apert’s syndrome.

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