Prelims Final MBBS questions of Manipal College of Medical Sciences

manipal medical college

Medicine and Allied subjects I

Section A

1.A 50 year old man has been brought to the hospital complaining of central chest pain of 4 hours duration. List the possibilities. How will u diagnose a case of MI? outline the management of MI of four hours duration.3+3+5

2(a). enumerate the causes of haemoptysis . briefly describe the clinical manifestation and investigation to arrive at the diagnosis.2+4

(b).describe clinical features and management of a case of psoriasis.3+3

3. write briefly on-3×4=12

a) Steven Jhonson syndrome

b) management of acute severe bronchial asthma

c) diagnosis of rheumatic fever

section B

1a) describe clinical features of Grave’s disease.6

b) discuss management of nephrotic syndrome due to minimal change lesion.6

2a) describe briefly articular and extra articular features of rheumatoid arthritis.3+3

b) describe briefly the management of diabetic keto acidosis.5

3. write briefly on:3×4=12

a) paracetamol overdose

b) addison’s disease

c) different types of high altitude sickness

Medicine and allied subjects II

section A

1. A 75 year old man is brought to emergency ward with six to seven hours history of weakness affecting the left upper and lower limbs and left side of the face.

a) What is the diagnosis and which blood vessels is most likely to be involved?2+1

b) List the clinical features you would use to differentiate an upper and lower motor neuron weakness.3

c) List the essential investigations you will perform and outline the treatment.3+3

2a) describe the clinical features of falciparum malaria. How would you manage a case of severe falciparum malaria? 3=3

b) what do you mean by depression? Outline the treatment of endogenous depression?3+3

3. write briefly on: 3×4

a) obsessive compulsive disorders

b) treatment of kalaazac

c) neurocysticercosis

section B

1a) define fulminant hepatic failure. Briefly describe its clinical features. Describe management of hepatic encephalopathy. 3+5+4

2a) list cause of microcytic hypochromic anaemia. Mention laboratory investigations that will help in the differential diagnosis of this condition.2+3+5

b) discuss the principles of management of septicaemic shock. 6

3. write briefly on:3×4=12

a) tobacco related diseases

b) aleukaemic leukaemia

c) organophosphorus poisoning


section A

  1. What do you understand by systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS)? How do you manage a case of septic shock? 5+5
  2. Give the differential diagnosis of thyroid swelling and how will you investigate it? 5+5
  3. Write short notes on:3×5
    • Necrotizing fasciitis
    • SSG
    • TPN

Section B

  1. Enumerate the cause of bleeding per rectum. Write the clinical features, classification and treatment of fistula per ano and Goodshall’s rule. 4+1+2+3+2
  2. Discuss the differential diagnosis of a groin swelling in a 45 year old person. How will you treat a case of indirect inguinal hernia in this patient?
  3. Write short notes:3×4
    1. Colostomy
    2. Paradoxical aciduria
    3. Tension pneumothorax

Surgery II

Section A

1. 56 year old male presented with haematuria, left lumbar pain and palpable mass in the left lumbar area. How would you manage this case? 12
a) grades of renal trauma and their management. 6

b) bladder outlet obstruction.5

3. short notes on:3×4

a. thromboangitis obliterans

b. regional anaesthesia


section B

4.fracture healing and compression techniques in orthopaedics.12

5. discuss the etiology, Pathophysiology, clinical feature and management of CTEV.11

6. write short notes:3×4

a. dequervain’s disease

b. colle’s fracture

c. giant cell tumor


section A

  1. how will you investigate a woman with normal early pregnancy, reported for 1st visit? What various aspects will you emphasize during her counseling? 6+4
  2. Write short notes:5+5
    1. Monitoring of labour in a woman with previous caeseran section.
    2. Complications of artificial rupture of membrane

Section B

  1. Outline and discuss the management of labour in 20 years old primi at 38 weeks of pregnancy with rheumatic valvular heart disease. What are the possible complications which can occur in labour and 3rd satge.7+3
  2. Write short notes on: 5+5
    1. Episiotomy
    2. Neonatal sepsis

Section C

  1. What is fibroid uterus? Discuss the management in detail, of fibroid uterus detected in a 35 year old woman. 1+5
  2. Write short notes on:4+4
    1. Induction of ovulation
    2. Medical management of endometriosis

Section D

  1. List the etiological factors or carcinoma cervix. How will you treat a case of invasive carcinoma cervix.2+5
  2. Write short notes:4+4
    1. advantages of LNG- levonorgesterol device
    2. 2 swabs test in VVF


Section A

  1. Briefly outline the physiology of breast feeding. List the advantages. 3+4
  2. Write short notes:3×3
    1. Cold chain
    2. BCG
    3. Rickets

Section B

  1. Write short notes on:
    1. Turner syndrome
    2. Indications of exchange transfusion
    3. Trachea- esophageal fistula
    4. Kangaroo mother care

Section C

  1. List the causes of haematuria. Describe the clinical feature of acute renal failure.3+3
  2. Differential diagnosis of diphtheria. Discuss the complications of diphtheria.3+3
  3. Write short notes on: 4×3
    1. Cretinism
    2. Management of acute liver failure
    3. Tof cyanotic spells
    4. Rheumatic fever- treatment with prophylaxis

Section D

  1. A child of 3 years age comes to the ER with difficulty in breathing and wheeze.1+2+2
    1. Discuss the five most important differential diagnosis
    2. How do you proceed to investigation?
    3. Write down the steps of management.
    4. a. snake bite treatment 3×3


c. organophosphorus poisoning

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