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10 Books for Neonatology

  • May 6, 2016
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10 Books for Neonatology
  1. Avery’s Disease of the Newborn: The Basic most and the extensive chapters on Neonatology for both Post graduate level and for subspecialities. It is a book written in good order, simple language and with good flow. It is one the most widely followed books all over. The cost is separate for South Asian countries and for other nations.


2.Fanaroff and Martin’s Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: This is not a book for starters, but for the Specialities- Neonatology fellows. The book is very much accepted with most recent advances. It basically discusses on the literatures available and at the same time provides you adequate knowledge for decision making in Neonatology.

3. Rennie and Roberton’s textbook of Neonatology: This book has been followed by many Academic institutes. It is well reputed.

4. Manual of Neonatal care- Cloherty: The most worldwide used manual for caring a critically ill newborn. It is a sort of protocol book with adequate text to cover the basic and partly advance neonatology.

5. The Newborn Book: The atlas of all normal and abnormal newborn findings which usually causes confusion during our rotations and clinical rounds. The book is one of a kind and seems like a must have for anyone who is dedicated in Neonatology. Author is Janelle Aby, MD.

6. Volpe’s Neurology of the Newborn: The most extensively written, and the most well reputed book followed in Neonatal neurology is Volpe.

7.Assisted ventilation of the Neonates -Goldsmith: Your knowedge on Ventilation in neonates will never be complete without reading the Goldsmith. A gold resource dedicated for ventilation of little ones. The Book always impresses anyone that reads it.9781416056249

8. Assessment and care of the newborn- Hall

9. The Neurological assessment of the preterm and fullterm newborn Infant- Dubowitz

10. And the most importantly, it is the neoreviews of AAP, Clinical keys and uptodate, that keeps you much ahead of books as well. Keep yourself always updated on recent developments in newborn.


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