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Year’s Review Medchrome:

  • December 25, 2016
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Year’s Review Medchrome:

Year 2016 has been a year of growth for Medchrome magazine, with increasing readership, Projects and requests for publicization from reputed brands. Before going on to discuss on the review of this year, we MEDCHROME TEAM wish our readers a very happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We are extremely grateful for the love and affection you have provided us with your cosistent presence in our website.

Also we have completed Seven Years Online this November.


The Year started with a recovery from the last years earthquake, for 3rd most number of vistors to our magazine are from Nepal, a small and beautiful country in South Asia. Top traffic comes from the United States of America and India. Besides we have huge number of readers coming from UK, Russia, Germany, Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt and other nations. Genuinely we have more than 60% of readers from Medical and associated profession that included students as well.

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Charikot- A horror prepared by Media and Mob

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Trapped after MBBS in a collapsing system


We had featured some Great post this Year

The 5 Strangest Dental Stories of 2015

How to prevent further incidents like the one in Charikot


Progressing from Fasting to Non-Fasting Lipid Testing


Special Interview with Doctors

Interview with Endocrinologist : Dr. Sunil Chaudhary

Studying Medicine in Germany – Interview with Dr. Udeep

And lastly Our Old article on

What Doctors do every Christmas eve?

What Doctors Do on a Christmas eve?

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