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Part time Jobs to make money for Medical students: USMLE preparation

  • December 10, 2021
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Part time Jobs to make money for Medical students: USMLE preparation

USMLE Exams are an expensive route for both US and non-US medical students and graduates who are preparing for the exams. The cost may go above tens of thousands in dollars and you will need to seek a way to cope for the cost. Family financial support may not be available for all, so some students need to search for alternate ways of making money while they prepare for USMLE exams.

Tutoring : Tutoring Medical students is a great way of making money. In US, medical graduates and medical students can get hired or start own tutoring for MCAT and USMLE preparation of you are done with your step 1 exams. Students and graduates can even be involved in Kaplan, FirstAid, Sketchy etc those institutes involved in USMLE preparation. In Asia, medical garduates can get hired to teach students in medical entrance preparation centers like DAMS – India, RISE, NAME, Vibrant – Nepal. You can make good money and even divert your career in this field if you do good.

Part-time and full-time job working businessman business concept work

Educational Consultant: I came across a job offer, where you needed to be in medical school in USA and you could work as consultant to guide and answer queries of students willing to follow medical career, path for MCAT and medical education in USA. Job was well paid at 30USD per hour. In India you could do the same, guide students to join medical education at your local level, make referrals and could earn you cuts.

Write Guidebooks and publish Question banks for medical students: This is popular trend in Asia, India, Nepal and Bangladesh top the list. The medical passout students, compile past questions and write answers with explanations. These guidebooks and qbanks are high demand and sell out quickly in medical schools. The writers or compilers have made tons of money from this sector. The copyright is not taken seriously in these countries. However things may not be easy in US where rules are enforced well.

Work part-time Online as free lancer:

  • Blog article writer- Eg Medchrome.com is run by medical students
  • Affiliate jobs- referral commissions
  • Medical and health article writer
  • Youtuber
  • Tiktok
  • Social media promotions

Work as Research assistant: This job may pay you and also get you benefit of research experience. Try to get involved in a paid position in your Medical school or nearby hospitals in Medical research, if you are in the US. In Asia, research is mere voluntary job. Adding research experience is an add on value to your CV.

Work in a House Officer job: In some countries after graduating from medical schools, unlike in USA, you are allowed to start a House officer job. Taking up a HO job offers you good compensation and also adds medical experience to your CV. This is popular practice in India and Nepal.

Buy Stocks : If you have some capital that you can risk , you can easily involve in Share market. Buying and selling stocks can be good income from home , if you can use online apps or websites. Even brokers are available online nowdays ending the need to rush to banks or broker service.

Other Jobs:

  1. Contact tracer job COVID
  2. Involve in human experiments
  3. Donate sperm or ovum
  4. Phlebotomist job
  5. Driver job- Uber, Lyft, EMS ambulance
  6. Medical scribe and assistant

Traditional student jobs like

  • Amazon warehouse
  • Stores- Kroger, Walmart, best buy
  • Deliver parcels or orders
  • work in Restaurants
  • Babysitting
  • Librarian

The cost of USMLE is big and if you can become independent to pay for the exams by applying at companies who are currently trying to find talents, it will also boost your self esteem as a budding health care professional. Best of luck.

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