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Online Hustles for Health Professionals: Make money

  • December 24, 2022
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Online Hustles for Health Professionals: Make money

One of the best side hustles for healthcare personnel is online writing and blogging. Depending upon your writing skill, it can become your full-time job. There are many examples of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, medical students, USMLE aspirants, Lecturers and professors who have quit their jobs for full-time online blogging and professional services online.

There are 5 primary ways one can make money from online as health professional

Article Writing online: It is one of the best ways to establish yourself online and make your online presence. It is initially difficult to get your first project, but once you get started, you get going. An article can pay you starting from $20-$100 per hour. Generally, one article means 3-4 hours of payment. The payment is pretty good considering it can be done from comfort at your home from your laptop or desktop. Some of the sites that provide mediation role are Upwork, Toptotal or traditional methods like, google jobs.

Content creation: Video Blogging and Pod cast in Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram are free available platforms for busy people who don’t want to take stress of personal hosting. All you need to do is, create good content, create a fan-base and they can become your revenue generation as well as clients. Dirtymedicine channel in youtube is one example of how valuable content creation can be. Of course, you need to stand out and not everyone will follow the same success path.

Blogging: Creating personal blogs/ professional blogBlogs can be business as well as hobby. If you own a business, you can host your own blog and same is for hobby blogging. Even hobby can be a source of revenue.

  1. Blogs can be hosted free at or similar platforms. You will lack the freedom and fun of own hosted blogging in such platforms.
  2. You can host your own blogs. You can get cheap plans to start with as low as USD 12 per year for first year from Ionos. Similarly other good hosts are – godaddy, bluehost, hostmonster etc. You can use different platforms but wordpress hosting is best Content management system ( CMS) platform for amateur bloggers. Everything you need to learn is available online. As you start working on in you start learning and get better with time. It is also a new skill you are investing on. Examples are Medchrome, Epomedicine

Remote Services:

  • You can offer your service online in sites like Fiverr. Lot of residents and doctors make good money by writing and editing health content, providing services related to Personal statement, Letter of recommendation, Letter of Intent, Curriculum vitae etc.
  • Tutoring jobs: USMLE tutoring, Subject tutoring, Interview mocks are some of the best jobs you can take online. Varsity, Kaplan are few institutes which offer tutoring jobs
  • Remote Medical Scribe service- It is a virtual job.Remote Medical document reviewer
  • Remote Insurance document reviewer- Insurance agencies can employ International medical graduates or transitioning students. The document needs to be reviewed for Insurance purpose.

Selling Ebooks

If you are good at writing books, this is the way. Novels, literatures to guidebooks like guidance for residency application, Interviews and Medical school notes. Eg. Neuroanatomy Book

If you are tech savvy and want make money from side hustle, start it today and see if it works for you.

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