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Countries to look for after Postgraduate MD/MS

  • December 1, 2021
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Countries to look for after Postgraduate MD/MS

After the MD/MS, Post graduate course in native countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh; you have an option to practice in home country as a native doctor or look abroad to broaden your training, experience and horizon of career. Since the condition of medical sector is being destroyed gradually but consistently by deep rooted politics, corruptions, exploitation, hooliganism , doctors now even after PG are looking for better working options outside the countries.

Previously we had written on destinations after MBBS

I have listed the pros and cons of popular destination for doctors in Asia.

United Kingdom: After the Brexit, UK suffered serious shortness of doctors and nurses and have offered opportunity for those willing to move in and practice. After PG, you need to go through MRCP Steps 1 , 2 and OET and register yourself in GMC. Then you are ready to start your job as Senior Fellow in reputed medical centers. UK offers stable job, working environment is better because of NHS, good payout and living condition should be better than any Asian nations.

Maldives: It is the most popular and easy destination for doctors from South Asia. The country is small archipelago with warm welcoming community for doctors who are graduated from recognized institutes. Lot of doctors from Nepal, after MBBS and PG have been doing expat in Maldives. They offer good pay and low tax income and steady stable job. Income varies between government, private and resort hospitals. Cons is you cannot settle down in the country and schools may not be of quality you would want.

USA: Even after the PG, despite the hurdle of the most difficult exams and re-residency training requirement, doctors are moving to USA because US attracts doctors with high pay, high lifestyle, respect and good working hours after you are a consultant/attending. Pros is Good salary, you can settle in USA, good schools for children- free public schools. Cons- Expensive exams, expensive insurances, residency is tough hours and worst is even after PG you have to retrain yourself in residency program. People are set back by these things.

Dubai/Saudi Arabia: Tax free, good working conditions, family benefits, good schooling for children , everything you think of is here. For Saudi you need to go through HAAD exam and need to research more on these destinations. Doctors from India, US, and other countries work in these rich nations- Dubai Qatar SA.

Australia/Canada – are not very welcoming for foreign Doctors and usually people have difficult time settling in these countries. But people have made it to Australia.

Tell us if you have any nation to add to the list.

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