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Top 10 Electronic Gadgets for Medical professionals

  • January 11, 2011
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Top 10 Electronic Gadgets for Medical professionals

Top 10 Gadgets for Medical professionals:

1.Laptop or Notebook
Is essential friend of a Medical student or any Medical professional. It can aid in learning to the preparation of slides for a presentation, preparation of Thesis etc. If you are looking for the best one, then visit sites like American Inventor Spot to find the best latest gadgets with their reviews. Many software like ECG simulator, Cardiac auscultation etc. help students learn from the virtual world. Laptop is almost an all-in-one gadget. Internet to ebooks everything can be assessed. Photos of Medical cases, Histology and pathology slides can be stored for future study in notebooks.

HP, Toshiba, Dell, Sony Vaio, Acer, and Macbook are among the popular brands in Medical students in Nepal. If you use any of these brands and it might need some fixing, replacement parts like wholesale capacitors can be purchased online with a click of a button.

2.Smartphone or PDA
Rapid development of PDA and efficient smartphones have risked the position of laptop. As they are portable and all the time with people they have a better use these days. Windows mobiles like HTC HD2, HTC touch and touch pro, Xperia X1, Samsung Omnia ec have become popular among Medical students. Currently Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S, HTC my touch, Xperia X10, LG optimus, Motorolla droid have become popular. Iphone and Nokia Symbian phones are losing to them.

3.E-book reader-
With the development of technologies , Medical professionals have now started focusing on Ebooks. Carrying an ebook reader with 100s of books can be very handy for them. So Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad, Samsung Tab are also growingly being used for Ebook reading and Internet.

In near future it is likely to be common gadget among medical students as well.

4.Pocket Digital Camera
A digital camera can be a good friend in your Parties, Annual functions, and in your Hospital. Doctors keep a snap of interesting and rare cases seen in Wards and OPDs for future reference. It can be helpful in preparing a good presentation and keeping a record for future. It can help in research and many other studies. Even in dissection rooms and Osteology classes you can keep snaps for learning purpose.

5.Portable storage device
A pocket friend of any Medical person. A pendrive is a sharing device of classnotes, lectures, presentations, ebooks and anything ranging from Music to movies. The size of the device as made it so portable and popular among health workers. Pendrives and flashdrives will rule.

6.Watch with optimal function:
A doctor needs a watch with all three needles for hour,minute and seconds. Wacth will be required for examining vitals Pulse, RR etc. Analog or Digital which can show seconds will be best for a medical professional.

Due to its portability, even people who own a laptop are buying Netbooks. They are easy to carry and very handy so of good utility for specially doctors and lecturers. This has just entered the list.

Projector are used for Lectures , classes and Presentations. They make seminar and conferences more visible, clear and thus more efficient. They have become essential gadgets in Classrooms and Seminar halls.

9.Printer/scanner / photocopier
Nothing is as satisfactory as having information on a Hard ie paper. So for information and study purpose photocopies , scans and printed materials from internet, books etc are widely read and shared among students as well as doctors.

10.Entertainment gadget
Ipods, Itouch, Zune, MP3 players, MP4 players etc are quite popular and are used mainly for entertainment purposes.


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