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Quitting Smoking? City Governments Might Force You

  • September 26, 2013
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Quitting Smoking? City Governments Might Force You

One of the earliest recorded smoking bans was from King James VI of Scotland. In a treatise titled “A Counterblaste to Tobacco,” the King not only forbade smoking he attempted to guilt trip smokers into feeling bad about using tobacco in public. James’ hatred of tobacco went so deep that he taxed it by weight.

It appears kings and paupers alike have opinions on smoking. An increasing number of cities are choosing to do something about it, by issuing bans on smoking in public buildings.

Smoking In Regions of the United States

Several businesses and schools do not allow smoking in-doors. In total, 38 states have some sort of state-wide ban for public areas.

Southern California cities like Calabasas, Burbank, or Santa Monica, may fine you for smoking in public. New York’s initiatives include increased taxes on cigarettes, and a city-wide campaign to stop smoking with a hotline residents can call for tips and support. It seems these two states, while on opposite coasts, each want to take a hard stance on tobacco consumption. California smoking laws have been enforced since the 1990’s.

In contrast, parts of the South consider “no Smoking” more of a suggestion than a rule. The laws are not easy to enforce, and the penalties for breaking them are not steep enough. In some cases, the choice to institute a smoking ban is up to the business owner. Alabama has no state-wide ban, but several areas restaurants still designate smoking areas for patrons.


Real Ways to Quit, And The E-Cig Myth

Medical websites seem to universally agree that smoking is bad, but quitting is a topic that continues to remain contentiously debatable. It’s common to hear that most American’s don’t know how to quit, but with so many alternatives it’s difficult to tell which is the right method to choose.

Recently, electronic cigarettes and vaporizer starter kits have become popular as a supposed method to quit. But are they really? According to the FDA, who recently made a point of saying that they don’t actually know. The reason for the popularity of Myle Fujairah eCigs is the lack of second hand smoke, which is actually worse than what the smoke a smoker inhales.

There is no tar from tobacco, because there is no tobacco to inhale. eCigs distill smoking down to the nicotine itself. That’s why it’s easy for smokers to fall into the trap of believing eCigs help you quit. The fact is that the FDA has yet to prove their effectiveness. Nicotine alone is an extremely addictive substance

The electronic cigarette might be better for the people you’re around, but you’re still putting deadly chemicals in your body. Don’t buy into the hype that eCigs don’t contain carcinogens. You’re still inhaling bad chemicals and putting toxins into your body.

California is one of the most restrictive states, with several cities in Southern California saying “no” to smoking altogether. That’s where Dr. Joni Labbeof the Labbe Health Center in San Diego, has decided to take a stand and help patients cope with addiction. Using special lasers, she’s able to help patients decrease their need for nicotine.

Labbe’s process has worked in Asia, Canada, and Europe for over fifteen years. It has been a big help, and it’s only one treatment.

The method involves using a cold laser on different points of the ears, wrists, and feet. Your body responds with increased serotonin endorphin levels, which help alleviate the cravings that make you want to smoke cigarettes. It’s painless, and Dr. Labbe is backed by the Better Business Bureau.

Cold lasers are a new concept in the field of addiction therapy. Before you choose any kind of treatment, you have to be willing to quit. More than willpower, you have to cast aside the idea that smoking is a positive you’ll be missing out on. The choice to quit has to be motivated by your desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

 Article By Jennifer Smith

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