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7 Ways to make Pocket money for Medical Students

  • October 30, 2014
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7 Ways to make Pocket money for Medical Students

1. Writing Guidebooks

In the free time after the 2nd year exams, many students group together to write guidebooks for exams like “ EXIT Through Basic Science” “ Basic Science Review”. Students collect questions and compose answers and compile a complete book that can be used by juniors as a review for exams. This is done either in self investment or in partnership with publications. With a good sell, ample of money is made by the authors.

And they even publish newer editions in continuity to their work.

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2. Taking Classes in Entrance Preparation institute
Few students are involved in taking morning classes for basic level students like Nursing students, Medical entrance preparing students in different institutes during the morning or evenings at free time. Such institutes pay Rs 500- 1200 per class and classes will be of 1-2 hours duration. For students few classes per week can make good money. If you need cash quickly,

3. Conducting Mock Exams
Mock exams for Entrance in IOM, MOE are carried out by Medical students in co-ordination with MBBS Entrance preparation institutes. Thousands of students are enrolled in the mock exams. Each enrollment cost about Rs 50-100. It will be a good opportunity for both entrance aspirants and the examiners. They make a good income this way.

4. Joining Organizations
Certain organizations have members who are paid for involving in activities and meetings. Joining such NGOs and INGOs can create a platform for future career in public health as well. Conducting health camps and indulging your time in such organizations can give you opportunity compensations. It is a plus for both career as well as you can make some pocket money.

5. Free Lance jobs and Online jobs
Internet is the home to all free-lancers. If you have a good skill in any thing you can have an opportunity to earn. Be it translations, proof-reading, Typist jobs, Article writers, statistics, Surveys, you can make good earning from them. A payment for health article writer can range from $5 to $150 per article according to your experience, skill, qualifications and company you are hired by.

If you have good knowledge of Spanish, French language, you can even work as a translator that pays you $5-$20 per hour of work. I m sure that’s pretty sum for a student to make. You can even write regularly for magazines and newspapers.

6. Blogging
Blogging is a difficult to start with job but once you get going it can be a good source of pocket money. But finding success in this vast internet can be a hard job who have less knowledge on Webhosting and Search engine optimization.

Google Adsense, Buysellads, Amazon affiliates, Health Affiliates can be a good income to your blog if it gets going. If you have a blog that gets 100+ readers per day, you have chance of getting an Adsense account.
If you need help on setting up a blog , contact us via contact form.

7. Fixed Bank Deposits
Students who have capital can create a fix deposit account in banks that pay an interest of more than 10%-12% per annum. Beware do not go for scam organizations that promise to pay you too much. Example if you put an amount of 5 lakh rupees, you get an interest of 12%, ie Rs 60,000 per annum that makes Rs 15000 if withdrawn 3 monthly while your money remains safe. This can make a better living in student life for sure.

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