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Gallery of Medical Humor

  • May 2, 2012
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Gallery of Medical Humor

People often forget that we the people in medical profession too have a funny side of life. Here is a collection of pictures mostly from our facebook like page Medical Online Magazine. You can share a laugh on your social platforms by clicking on the icons here.

1. Doctor Yamaraj

2. Choosing Medical Speciality (Extended version)


3. 12 Types of Medical Students


4. Before and After MBBS


5. Medical Afflictions of the Cartoon World


6. Application of Medical Humanities in Reality


7. Medical Terminologies in Doctor-Patient relationship

8. The WebMD Effect

9. Doctor House Dialogue

10. Doctor’s bill not for weak hearted

11. Fun with Medical Records

12. Thank God I’m not a Kidney Snatcher

13. Medical Student Syndrome

14. Doctor Photoshop

15. Medical Speciality Stereotypes Part 1

16. Medical Speciality Stereotypes Part 2

17. What happened to your ambition?

18. Challenge to Doctors in Modern era

19. 10 Types of Physician Bloggers

20. 9 Types of Medical Student Bloggers

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