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10 stupid things students do in Medicine exam

  • February 26, 2014
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10 stupid things students do in Medicine exam

The Funny scenarios that were seen in the medicine exam. This fun is part of our student life. 😀

1. Bribing the patient: Patient is a deciding factor while passing medicine exams. Students try their best to get their co-operation and many of times in funny ways- Once a medical student in final year exam, offered patient Rs. 500 to get the favor of the patient. Others promised to visit them at night with Horlicks, Bournvita and Boost. That night few students were seen entering the ward with fruits.

2. Being too courteous: Students often try hard to impress examiners with their courteousness. A student appeared in viva with a gentle smile and excessive courteousness – “Goodmorning sir! May I come in sir! Thank you sir!” and when he couldn’t answer – “Sorry sir! I forgot sir! Can you give me a chance sir! Thank you sir, it was very kind of you”


3. Ordering spectacles just for exam: Few students believe that wearing specs make them look studious and nerdy. Thus, who never wore one were seen with spectacles during exams.

4. Weeping before the examiner: A girl started weeping after she was not able to answer few questions in viva. Luckily, she managed to pass the examination. 😀 Sympathy factor often works, better for girls.

5. Unhealthy argument with examiners: Often students are confident enough to argue with examiner. Even though he may be right, he’ll come under disciplinary action. One student rushed and appeared back with the textbook to prove that he is right. He was punished for disciplinary issues.

6. Blunders during spotters: During microbiology spotters, a student was supposed to identify the slide focused on the microscope. And the question was – “Identify the structure” and the student answered – “It is a microscope”. During ophthalmology spotters, a student left back his spectacles on the table which was thought to be a spotter by the rest of his friends.

7. Mind games with examiners: A student was overacting and showing his frustration for not being able to recall things he never studied. He was trying to create an impression that he had studied but was unable to recall.

8. Joy of success: A student jumped out of the examination hall after he performed excellently in a long case and a short case just to realize that he had forgotten to appear for the 2nd short case.

9. Conceptual students: The questions was to write a note on “Trachoma” and a student using his basic concept had confidently answered it as – “A benign tumor of trachea”.

10. Osteology viva: You must have heard this story. A student in an anatomy viva, picked up the examiner’s biscuit instead of a bone when he was asked to “pick one” 😀

Last one is the funniest thing you have done 😀

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