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An Immortal Spiritual Being

  • June 13, 2015
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An Immortal Spiritual Being

The biggest question you’ll ask yourself at some point of your life – “Why are you here? Why must you be here?”

On this lonely universe (To the knowledge of the beings on earth so far or the discoveries of scientists made yet), amongst the billions of particles, you, the being on earth on the surface of a planet that inheres in itself a hot, burning flame, what might be the purpose of creation of a biological life! And the cycle keeps repeating itself over and over again – of life and death. Again and again and again. What’s the use? There must be something we, the beings are missing. There is an answer to everything, there’s got to be one for this.

And for the questions they fail to answer, people has created a term called “God” with an intention to shut anyone who dares to question the unanswerable. It’s kind of spiritual to say but as scientific as it gets – All of us are gods in ourselves. All of us are immortal beings and the only thing we change is a vessel – i.e. our body. It doesn’t make sense to us because we are entitled to be a sheep – follow the same routine over and over again, sleep and wake up to do the same. And I’m not some kind of a spiritual guru if you ask me. I am a doctor by profession. There are many things medicine cannot answer, that the science has no way of knowing.

Man Spirit

The biggest mystery being the difference between brain and mind. If every person has the same basic anatomical structures and the same physiological processes running in their head, why don’t they think the same? Where do different ideas, thoughts come from? Is it not the same structural brain in every heads of the people residing in this planet? Nobody knows. So, it must be the gods. Right? No.

We shouldn’t look to the scientists to save Earth or the future of humanity. Any so-called “science” that is solely based on the paradigm that existence is composed only of energy and objects moving through space is not a science. Such beings utterly ignore the creative spark originated by an individual. Every science will remain relatively ineffective or destructive to the degree that it omits or devaluates the relative importance of the spiritual spark that ignites all of the creation and life.
We should not rely on the dogma of physical sciences to master the fundamental forces of creation any more than you would trust the chanted incantations of an incense burning shaman. The net result of both of these is entrapment and oblivion.
Scientists pretend to observe, but they only suppose that they see, and call it fact.

Like the blind man, a scientist cannot learn to see until he realizes that he is blind. The “facts” of Earth science do not include the source of creation. They include only the result, or byproducts of creation. The “facts” of science do not include any memory of the nearly infinite past experience of existence. The essence of creation and existence cannot be found through the lens of a microscope or telescope or by any other measurement of the physical universe. One cannot comprehend the perfume of a flower or the pain felt by an abandoned lover with meters and calipers. Everything you will ever know about the creative force and ability of a god can be found within you – An Immortal Spiritual Being.

All sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings, including human beings. Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “is” and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to “be”.
There are many things that we humans do not know. Maybe because we are incapable of knowing or we do not afford to know the truth or we are in this prison of something we do not know for some unknown reasons and for the fact we are not made aware.

The body you and all other people wear as a coat is same for all the human beings on earth, but the real you is inside it. What is you, cannot be anyone else.

Every speck of dust in space, from the size of the tiniest subatomic particle, to the size of a sun or a massive cloud the size of many galaxies, was created from nothingness of a thought.

Ripley says, “Believe it or not”. But I say, “What’s true for you is true for you”. Because what makes you can never be understood or be for any other and vice-versa.

Article by Dr. Jemesh Singh Maharjan, KISTMCTH


(“Alien Interview”
Personal notes and transcriptions provided by Matilda O’ Donnell MacElroy.
Editing by Lawrence R. Spencer)

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