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Sir William Bowman and his eponym “Bowman’s capsule”

  • April 30, 2012
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Sir William Bowman and his eponym “Bowman’s capsule”

About Sir William Bowman

Sir William Bowman (20/7/1816 to 29/3/1892), 1st Baronet was an English surgeon, histologist and anatomist. He is mostly famous for his research using microscopes to study various human organs, though during his lifetime he pursued a successful career as an ophthalmologist. He sketched and wrote highly detailed descriptions of the skin, muscle, nerves, sense organs (particularly the eye), kidney, bone, and cartilage. He is probably most  famous, however, for his work on the kidney, in which he indentified the role of a tiny capsule (now known as Bowman’s capsule) in carrying fluid from the kidney to the urinary system.

About Bowman’s capsule

Bowman’s Capsule (Capsula glomeruli or Glomerular capsule) is a double-walled, cup shaped structure around the glomerulus of each nephron of the kidney. It is named after Sir William Bowman. It is also called malphigian capsule. It is a part of the kidney’s filtration system. It serves as a filter to remove organic wastes, excess inorganic salts, and water.

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