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10 Diseases likely to Threaten Human Race in near future

  • January 8, 2011
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10 Diseases likely to Threaten Human Race in near future

Humans are losing the war with Microbes. Antibiotics have started failing and new ones aren’t being produced while drug resistant organisms have started raising their heads and will cause a huge loss to human race if in time, something miracle is not discovered. “ An ideal Drug” with best patient compliance, minimal side-effects, broad spectrum of coverage, no resistance, cheap and easy to manufacture.

1. Tuberculosis– The development of Drug resistance and failure to develop a New Effective drug had left a huge gap in case of Tuberculosis. Mycobacteria have now become resistant to 1st line drugs like Isoniazid, Rifampicin which are the two most effective drugs for TB. MDR TB and XDR TB have arised making Tuberculosis an old disease but a new challenge. Moreover the rapid spread of HIV has made it even more prevalent and more challenging. If no new drugs are developed, it is very likely that TB will seriously trouble the human race.Severe form Miliary TB. Recently Tuberculosis death is seen to overtake HIV death occurring all over the world.  TDR TB- Few cases of Total Drug Resistant Tuberculosis have been reported . TDR is known lo lead to 100% death and has no cure.

Miliary TB of lungs: Millet seeding
Miliary Tuberculosis of Lung : Typical “millet seed” lesions

2. VRSA and MRSA infections- The Notorious Staphylococcus aureus has always been a headache to a doctor. Rapid development of resistance to new antibiotics has left doctors with few expensive options. Methicillin resistant Staph and Vancomycin resistant Staph are common in settings of ICU patients and have been cause of mortality. The antibiotics effective against them are too expensive and you know the reason why they need to be kept expensive.

3. Influenza : The wonder virus is known to change its antigens frequently and every three years interval there is a risk of Pandemic. Swine flu and Bird flu have haunted People in the last few years. With high infectivity rate and shortage of vaccines if Flu becomes pandemic ( air borne) Human race might be at trouble once more.

4. Small pox- Although it has been declared to be eradicated if by change it has been hidden for use as biological weapon…… It will be a Epidemic and then Pandemic becauseThere is no herd immunity to protect its spread today.There are no vaccines available anymore. Highly infective and will take no time to spread.Mortality and morbidity associated with it is very high.

5. Hepatitis Unlike HIV , Hepatitis can be transmitted from body secretions like Sweat. Yes, Hepatitis B, C, D cases are likely to go up this decade even more. With ineffective treatment and high chance of transmission it has become a higher risk tha HIV for medical professionals. Chronic cases may end in Cirrhosis and cancer. Fulminant hepatitis is a dreaded sequel.

6. Dengue and Viral Encephalitis- These caused a serious problem in South Indian region in last few years and is likely to trouble more in near future. Since mortality and morbidity related to them is high they can endanger population. Arthopod borne virus are likely tp trouble humans more in coming decade. Read about Virus

7. Hospital Acquired Infections Specially, Gram negative bacteria causing Pneumonia, Urinary tract infection and wound infection including sepsis in hospitalized patient is likely to become more hazardous in near future. With development of antibiotic resitance like MRSA,VRSA gram negative organisms will be a headache for humans.

8. Pychiatric disorders- The prevalence of mental illness in human population is more than we can imagine. Only tip of iceberg is revealed but more remains hidden due to social stigma and misconception. Depression, Hypertension and Anxiety disorders are likely to rise as more cities get urbanized. Alcoholism and Drug abuse is not likely to spare humans in near future.

9. Technology Induced health hazards- Lead batteries, Mobile frequencies, mercury instruments, Radiation hazards from Nuclear reactors, X rays, CT scans, Hospital wastes, Industry byproducts, air pollutants, water pollutants all are likely to cause more problem than we are expecting in near future. If Nukes go off , its another story or an end of a story.

10. A new Disease- With news of people commonly coming in contact with space, Meteors that enter earth, mutations can bring new disease never heard of never learnt by human race. If deadly enough can risk the entire human kind. One theory for 2012 hypothesis is spread of new disease so if 2012 apocalypse is likely this might be the cause. 🙂

List Compiled by Sujit Shrestha

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