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Charikot- A horror prepared by Media and Mob

  • September 29, 2016
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Charikot- A horror prepared by Media and Mob

Recently a very bad incident took place in Charikot, Nepal. Some have marked it as a “Black Day in Medical history of Nepal“. A team of doctors and health workers staying in the remote area and providing free service via an INGO – Government collaboration hospital was vandalized by an inhumane mob. Doctors and nurses were harassed, threatened with life and forced to appear before the camera and plea for forgiveness. The video was no different than the ones made by terrorist groups , after taking hostage of people in camera.

According to sources, a child being treated for diarrhea, expired in the hospital. The child was on improving course and patient attendants had given the child biscuit and tea. Suddenly the child turned blue and remaining course was out of hand. It clearly looks like a case of  choking.  Complications are part of the disease and deaths do occur in hospitals despite of all possible efforts. Sometimes, death cannot be explained even by medical science. The treating team was humiliated for it. No doctor or health worker will intend to harm his/her patient in any way. If the society cannot keep grip of their emotions, they should appeal to the court and not make Genghis-Khan decisions.

Why Defame and humiliate your doctor?

Rarely, doctors who have acquired PG degree offer to go to remote areas for service. Most new doctors are reluctant not just due to lack of facilities but also due to lack of security. Doctor working in the region was an MDGP from a reputed medical college. If people don’t value and harass doctors and other health workers in such manners, no other doctors will ever want to come to Charikot again. There is a high likelihood that iNGO working for people’s free health care in the area will shift to other safer areas.

People have problem with Free service and have problem with expensive health service. It’s time for locals of Charikot to decide which they would prefer.

What will be the implication?

The deadline has ended and all the health workers will be returning to capital, Kathmandu. People involved in the Al Qaeda style video making and taking doctors hostage are  still not punished by the government. Currently, the hospital is running only ER services and all the OPD and in-patient services have been closed. If people can’t respect the service, it better be closed.

Who will be the sufferer?

The entire medical community is convinced from the last few years’ news of attack on hospitals that Dolakha is an unworkable hostile area. Today as per our poll, no single doctors will go to Charikot. So, obviously the people will be the sufferers. You cannot force a doctor to work in any area against his will, if he doesn’t want to. So if no one wants to go there, results are obvious. People will be resolving to Traditional healers again. Media’s outcry to defame doctors will not work this time.



Some baseless news media, taking desperate measures to defame doctors. It is a kind of war on doctors.




Who are behind the Incident?

This is a well plotted sequence- political local leaders, private hospital proprietors….?

Protest in the Capital: Doctors appealing to the government



The Incident marks the limit of Human tolerance, the revolt from the White Aprons has just begun. We are noble doesn’t mean we are weak.

Although the media will not support Medical personal and they write not in favor of truth but for likes and shares in facebook as people want to hear., We medical online magazine team for the first time have decided to publish an internal conflict matter which is out of our websites scope, in order to support the Right and Medical fraternity that is left isolated and alone.

We Will continue to write on the topic and create a big social buzz worldwide. If any of our doctors would like to share their opinion on ongoing security crisis for health workers in Nepal, we are open for publishing.

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  • Dr. Govinda kc who is the founder of this movement has stated that Lokman of Aktiyar Durupayog Anusandan Ayog is the boss of mobs and he is behind all those terrorist activities and other mob activities of Nepal.We request medchrome to help us by using UNO to investigate and punish Lokman in the case of international terrorism and mob activities.Since he has misused his power and used for terrorism.None is above law in this world expect LOKMAN.please help us.

  • I think main thing in the world is the law and order.Noone in the world is above law and if we punish those culprits with our present law in the constitutions of the belonging country then planet would be with security for all doctors,all working fields and all the people of the globe.Indeed we would live in safe and secure world.I think so.What do you think?

    • dactar govind ji ko kura sahi ho..

      • It gives me great pleasure to hear from our reputed Dr. Govind Kafle from BPKIHS nepal speaking on such a delicate topic for the welfare of nepalese medical professionals and nepalese society as a whole .. he is fearless n very vocal in his approach to charikot incidence and from all of the nepalese medical fraternity,i would like to wish him well in his medical/political/humanitarian endeavours..his wisdom may even bring long awaited peace in nepalese medical history..save doctors in nepal n follow dr.govinda for more enlightening thoughts of wisdom..peace

  • Charikot, Nepal is indeed a “Black Day in Medical history of Nepal”. It fills me with nothing but utmost disgust and above all disappointment and betrayal.

    It’s true that unexpected death is universally heart breaking. As an ICU resident, I have dealt with hundreds of such cases. I’ve seen acts of violence against a medical service person. I’ve seen damages to property in a medical insitutions. I’ve cringed with fear and prayed for the safety of my co-workers during that period without abandoning my patients.

    As quoted from some article, it’s a bitter truth that “When it comes to our work, nothing is harder—and I mean nothing—than telling a loved one that their family member is dead. Give me a bloody airway to intubate. Give me the heroin addict who needed IV access yesterday, but no one can get an IV. Give me the child with anaphylaxis. But don’t give me the unexpected death. . . . We can only do so much, and we can only hope to do our best. But it’s that moment, when you stop resuscitation, and you look around, you look down at your shoes to make sure there’s no blood on them before talking with family, you put your coat back on and you take a deep breath, because you know that you have to tell a family that literally the worst thing imaginable has happened. And it’s in that moment that I feel.”

    In this stoic profession that trains doctors to remain professionally distant we too crave raw empathy. More than anything-doctors need your empathy.

    The sad reality:
    “The part most people fail to realize, is that this man/woman now has to compose himself/herself, walk into another person’s room, and introduce himself/herself with a smile and handshake to the next person. Sometimes healthcare workers walk in to see someone new and before even introducing themselves, out comes; ‘We’ve been sitting here for 45 minutes and . . .’ or ‘That guy next door has been moaning forever and nobody is helping him.’
    You literally had to direct yourself 100% at someone grappling with death, and the rest of the show goes on around you. There’s times where you run, and rush, and hurry, and skip eating, and go 12 hours without urinating, and you’d give your firstborn for a cup of water, and through it all, you lose, you get complained to, and you get zero sympathy from your coworkers or management. I’ve been covered in phlegm, urine, feces, blood, infectious drainage, sweat, and tears.
    I’ve had to go from ensuring a person continues to breathe, to a room full of angry people because grandma wanted a Tylenol and the call light has been on for 10 minutes, and we’re going to another hospital, and we want another doctor, and this place is getting a call to the administration, and I’m going to call a lawyer, and I’m calling channel 6 news, and we know so-and-so and he’s going to hear about this.
    Healthcare is a life of fighting, defending yourself, sacrificing yourself, working weekends, missing holidays, and sometimes things like losing a patient makes you want to throw up your hands and say ‘fuck it, I’m out.’ But you can’t. You do it because you love it. You do this thankless and unappreciated job because you want to. I can’t believe I’m in 6-figure debt and gave up the nights and weekends of my 20s so I could voluntarily do it. But I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

    I hope the public realizes this and appreciates us more.

    Above all, it’s about time to kick off a revolution. Where are the government and our respective medical governing bodies at? It’s high time to pass a strict ordinance to ensure security at the hospitals for the protection of doctors/nurses para-medicos. Any act of violence against Medical service person or damage to property in a Medical service Institution must be punishable strictly.

    I’ve seen acts of violence against a medical service person before my own eyes. I’ve seen damages to property in a medical institution. Hooligans!!! Frigging law media who exaggerates!!! I’ve cringed with fear and prayed for the safety of my dear co-workers and seniors during that period without abandoning my patients. ”Ahh, This is common here in Nepal. It happens. Shit happens.” that’s what they told me. No!!! Enough is enough!

    Is it justifiable to respond to a Slap/Abuse or Do we have to wait till one of us gets KILLED?

    Let’s take a moment; take a deep breath, think. Let’s straighten out our priority. Let us ACT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  • If the Nepalese government is playing war on the
    doctors of the country then we doctors can also
    play silent war on the government and other
    Nepalese people who r against us.We need to do
    nothing just remain silent,we are always
    welcomed by every part of the world.If the
    government does not address this issue and
    Nepalese people and government continue d all
    quieda terrorist attack on doctors,we doctors
    have to play cold war.Just remain silent and
    slowly get out of the country with our relatives
    and return when everything ends.This
    bijayadashami teaches us the victory of truth but
    we Nepalese doctor are in the terror of alquieda
    style mobs mobilised by the government itself.So
    adresss it fast.My thoughts.

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