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Hello everyone.
Since the Christmas article last year, we started off on a new session in 2015 AD. The year saw a lot of great writers contributing to medchrome, 2 Wall magazine issues, Few Readers surge in website almost taking it down and New Design – Mobile friendly add up to the Magazine blog.



Here are few Blog awards we achieved


Top blog healthlaurel-wreath-medal-template






Here we go, a review of article in 2014 to start with and till the end of 2015 , here are list of articles for you, if you have missed out any.

What Doctors Do on a Christmas eve?


Esteemed writers have contributed their thoughts to Medchrome magazine. Their writings were one of the finest and were valuable in our Writer section.

Am I Lying to the patient? Dr Sameer Lama , IOM, Nepal

Am I lying to the patient?

Towards Aequanimitas: Why we still need Osler’s principles in 2015 – Dr Pranab Chatterjee, India

Towards Aequanimitas: Why we still need Osler’s principles in 2015


HIV with a special focus – Dr B R Das , SRL, India

Is ethics only for Doctors? – Mr Anonymous

Internet and patient awareness – Dr Sujit Shrestha, NMC, Nepal

What patient should know about prescribed medicines – Jennifer Smith, Writer, USA

Tooth Space Maintenance in children – Dr. Parajeeta Dikshit, KDCH, Nepal

How to make an earthquake survival kit – Dr Sulav Shrestha, KIST, Nepal



An Immortal Spiritual Being

Mental Disaster away from home: Nepal Earthquake


Proteus Syndrome or Giant Head: A Pakistani man’s Story


The Popular articles of year 2015 are-

  1. Top 10 Medical colleges in Nepal 2015

  2. Diabetes and Role of Hba1c

  3. How to pass final year MBBS

  4. 10 times teacher couldn’t stop laughing

  5. Famous Wrestlers with Acromegaly and Gigantism

  6. Spontaneous Human combustion

  7. Akinetopsia


Besides We saw the rapid growth of our sister site-

Educational Portal –

Video site- is growing steadily

Answers site made its mark this year-


Social Media Review

On Facebook – 128,000 Likes

On twitter and Google + gaining pace

1400+ confirmed email subscribers

Made mark in Pinterest this year.

Pollydaddy polls started

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and enjoy and do everything that you love.


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