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Antibiotic Resistance : The War Has Begun

  • May 29, 2011
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Antibiotic Resistance : The War Has Begun

War Fiction By Medchrome

In 2012, war broke out. Soon the war was fought all over the world. This time the enemy were not human neither aliens. They were invisible , tiny but lethal. The war was between doctors and bacteria.
Doctors used every weapon they had – antibiotics but the bacteria had become too resistant.

“Once upon a time, penicillin was discovered and it could cure almost every disease. The germs retreated but soon they were back for the revenge with weapons like Penicillinase- Methicillin and Vancomycin Resistance. They researched on genetics and modified themselves against antibiotics.
Soon doctors had few useful weapons, but cost was always an issue”

By April 2013, VRSA had become widespread infecting entire world including the doctors. Most of the infected died.

Watch this short animation which is almost self explanatory:

Are we prepared for it?

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