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Neural Tube Defects (NTD)

Neurulation is the development of the neural plate and the processes involved with its subsequent closure to form the neural tube during the early stages of embryonic development (during first 3-4 week). Neurulation involves formation on neural plate, neural folds and the neural tube. ...Read More

Cranial Nerves : III,IV and VI

Occulomotor Nerve (Cranial Nerve III or CN III) Functional Components: General Somatic Efferent (GSE)/ Somatic Efferent (SE) General Visceral Efferent (GVE) Nuclei: situated at the midbrain a. Main motor nuclei (GSE): At the level of superior colliculus Supplies all the extrinsic muscles of eye ...Read More

Understanding Medical Genetics

Clinical Genetics deals with the diagnosis of genetic diseases, care and counseling of patients with genetic disorders. Cytogenetics is the study of number & structure of chromosomes. Common Terminologies: Genome: complete set of genes of a species Proband/Index case: an individual of family who draws ...Read More