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Physical and mental benefits derived from regular exercise

  • February 7, 2018
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Physical and mental benefits derived from regular exercise

It is said that “health is wealth”, we all know about this proverb but somewhere due to our busy schedule we are forgetting about this. We are longing for more wealth and degrading our health in the procedure. The world today, due to many environmental factors, is making it even more necessary to get on our tracks for fitness. It is a must that even from the daily busy routine we should spare some time for exercising. This time schedule should be fixed for a regular workout. Exercising is somewhat synonymous with burning calories. The more you workout, the more calories you burn and the healthier you remain, so start this journey with a great healthy living program which you can start at any 24 hour gym.

Exercising on a daily basis fight against insulin sensitivity and other cardiovascular diseases . Lack of exercising makes you prone to fat deposition, heart attacks and can make you a storehouse of diseases. To enhance your fitness you can start with yoga, walk or even simple exercises at home. Working out at home has its own benefits as it not only saves your time but also helps you follow a routine. Having the right gym equipment at home which suits the best for your specific workout regime is perfect for your fitness goals. Whether it is weight training, strength training, endurance workouts equipment for each program is available in various designs, weights, size, etc.

Exercise or physical activity not only makes you physically fit but also refreshes your mind. Here are some positive results of exercising, but you will experience them only if you are regular with it.

Physical benefits

         Weight loss: This is the main reason why many people start exercising in the first place. Regular exercise helps you lose weight. But losing weight requires a combination of exercising and healthy diet.

         Energy: Initially you might feel that exercising makes you tired but exercising on a daily basis gradually increases your energy level.

         Immunity: Exercise makes you fit and your immune system strong. Your immune system fights against any germs entering your body and prevent them from causing any disease.

         Reduces risk of heart attack

         Maintains healthy bones, muscles, and joints

         Solves the issues of high blood pressure

         Maintains muscle mass

         Provides you with quality sleep

         Promotes a longer life

         Reduces muscle and joint pain

         Improves coordination, balances, and reflexes

         Increases stamina

         Increases health of internal body organs

         Exercising improves the body metabolism rate (BMR)



Mental benefits

         Mood booster: Exercising releases hormones as dopamine and serotonin. These medicines improve your mood and make you feel happy and positive.

         Mind booster: Exercise improves neuron’s  ability to work effectively

         No more PMSing: Regular exercise also reduces the impact of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome as well as depression in women

         Anxiety: It reduces anxiety and the patients have reported significant decrease in the frequency of panic attacks

         Mental efficiency: Exercise boosts mental efficiency

         Learning: There is an increase in thinking and learning capability.

         Personal satisfaction: according to research, people who exercise have better sex life

         Group exercise: Exercising with fellows or in a group takes away the feeling of loneliness and makes you happier. It also motivates you to maintain your daily exercise routine.

         Fitness: the essence of exercise is fitness. Regular exercise keeps you healthy and free from diseases.

You can exercise your body in many ways. Taking a daily walk strengthens your immune systems and fights all the bacteria and other infections. It also decreases the possibility of heart diseases, osteoporosis and several types of cancer in individuals. While exercising as your body temperature raises the bacterium that has invaded your body are killed due to heat. Due to the elevation of body temperature the stress hormones are also destroyed along with the unsaturated fats present in your body. Along with regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle is also necessary. So we should inculcate healthy eating habits as well. This will make you optimistic, happier, content and of course healthy. With age muscle tears and fracture becomes common due to the weakness of muscles and bones respectively. Exercising reduces this muscle loss and can undoubtedly be related to prolonged life. And if you are suffering from scoliosis, remember that there are non-surgical scoliosis treatment readily available. Make sure to consult a specialist for immediate treatment. 

Article By Richard Anderson

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