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It’s Time to Revamp Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

  • March 21, 2018
  • 4 min read
It’s Time to Revamp Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

A fussy morning can ruin your mood for the whole day and one thing that leads to this is a chaotic bathroom vanity. You already wake up late and the struggle to get ready quickly increases when you can’t find your stuff from the piled-up vanity top.

If you have been going through this trouble almost every morning, it’s time to revamp your bathroom vanity cabinet. And to ensure that you do it the right way, here are three simple steps to follow. Take a look!

Gather the Stuff

To organise the stuff, you first need to gather it all. Take the things out of the cabinet and pile them as per their usage. Closely analyse them and also jot down the things that you need to add in it. For instance, you might want to add a Patanjali medicine or a new face wash that you always wanted to own but never did. Buy them either through the nearby store or through online websites like 1mg.com. Now, do this step earlier as you won’t be ordering things while cleaning the cabinet.

When you take out all the things out of the cabinet, it also gives you the opportunity to junk the things that you never used. And believe us, there will always be some extra product in your cabinet whose real purpose has never been achieved by you and it is slowly reaching its expiry date. So, decide whether you really want to use it and if your answer is no then throw it away and move on! You will already start feeling organised.

Clean the Cabinet

Now, shift your focus to the most significant thing of this whole revamping process – your cabinet. Wipe each and every corner where dust has settled since eternity. There will also be some stickiness there, so you can use some hot soapy water to remove it. Once you have cleaned the cabinet thoroughly, the long-lost shine will return, and that feeling of accomplishment will be priceless.

Reorganise the Things

So, you have all the things that you need, and your cabinet is also blistering with new glow, it is time to put the things back to it. And by putting the things, we mean put them in an organised way, else, all your hard work will perish the next day. Segregate the products and keep them as per their use in the daily life. Here are some segregation categories to give you some clue:

  • Facial care products
  • Dental care products
  • Bathing products
  • Medicines
  • Perfumes
  • Shaving products

There can be many other categories depending on the products that you have. Place them in the counter in an organised manner and your cabinet is set! Need more idea? Read on!

Some Quick-Tips:

  1. Place a towel near your bathroom vanity to quickly wipe it regularly. This will save you from turning your counter into an extremely messy and sticky place.
  2. You can also install a medicine cabinet and water towel holder to help things stay in their own place. This will also make sure that the top of your bathroom vanity cabinet is not filled with stuff.
  3. Keep things that you use daily in front so that it’s easy to reach them.
  4. When keeping things in the cabinet, try using different containers to fit in same products together. For make-up products, you can use small bags or pouches.
  5. You can also decorate your cabinet using some cute stickers or cartoons to make it look funky and stylish.

Got plenty of ideas? Well, then start the work and revamp your bathroom vanity cabinet today!

Article by Meera Dewaan

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