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Homeopathy: The Best Way to Cleanse Your Body

  • July 28, 2017
  • 4 min read
Homeopathy: The Best Way to Cleanse Your Body

Stressed with the rise in pollution that is proving to be malicious for your body? Well, it is time to give yourself a cleansing break by detoxify your body from all the harmful and toxic substances that have entered your body through the polluted surroundings. Though it is not much popular, detoxifying your body can have amazing effects on your health. According to some experts, it has the potential to enhance the immune system, slow the aging process, and in general, make you healthier.

To make your cleansing process more efficient, you can opt for homeopathic remedies that have been used to clear, cleanse, drain, and detoxify various body systems since the 1800s.

There are many homeopathic medicines available online that offer specialized treatment for the detoxifying of different body parts. Now, before you go through the online stores to check for such products, you must gather some knowledge about which body parts are involved in the detoxifying process and which remedies will suit them the most.

  1. Liver

One of the most vital organs, it transforms toxic substances into non-toxic, water soluble forms so they can be excreted. If you have liver dysfunction, then you may be suffering from health issues such constipation, bad breath, sore breast before menstruation, poor digestion of fats, and fatigue.  One can go for homeopathic medicines that contain Taraxacum, Sulphur, Chelidonium and Carduus marianus and alleviate such troubles.

  • Skin

It is through sweat and hair follicles that our skin helps us in getting rid of toxins from the body. If problems like hair loss; acne, rosacea, eczema; dry skin and rashes; body odor; and excessive and burning sweat are troubling you then it signifies the improper functioning of your skin. Again, homeopathy is the perfect companion that can sail your boat away from such skin issues. Try purchasing a homeopathic medicine online that has the presence Viola tricolor, Vinca minor, Sarsaparilla, and Lappa major depending on the symptoms.

  • Kidney

Filtering the blood and making urine to release toxins is the major task that kidney performs for the body’s cleansing process. The symptoms that indicate that your kidney may not be functioning well are dark circles under eyes, water retention, painful/urgent/frequent urination, and cystitis, among others. To get rid of such issues, you can choose products with Kali bic, solidago, Juniperis, and berberis.    

  1. Bowels:

Another important organ, the gut wall protects us from harmful substances using the surrounding immune system to alert the dangers. The symptoms of its dysfunction are constipation or diarrhea; leaky gut where toxins flow back into the bloodstream; allergies and sensitivities; poor immune function. Lycopodium, Hepar sulf, and Hydrastis platina are the major ingredients that should be present in your homeopathic medicine that can help your way out of such health issues.

  • Lungs

They help in removing the toxins by exhaling them out in the environment and any problem such as chronic breathing problems, asthma, and chronic cough gives clear sign that your lungs are not functioning properly. In such a situation, you should check that your homeopathic medicine should have causticum, Balsamum perunianum, eucalyptus, tussilago that are known to help the organ’s functions.

Apart from all the listed body parts, there are other ones such as lungs, lymphatic, and genitals that need homeopathic care when they cannot perform their functions smoothly. For your lymphatic system, a lymphatic massage may help. Homeopathic cells help in recognizing the toxins that clog the organs thereby leading to effective removal of them. One can also begin eating healthy food and start basic exercises to eliminate the toxins that not only lowers the physical functions but also affect the mental health of a person.

Author- Meera Deewan

( Disclaimer: The article represents view of the Writer. Medical magazine does not endorse any products or ideas)

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