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6 Ways to Flawless Skin Using Turmeric  

  • November 15, 2014
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6 Ways to Flawless Skin Using Turmeric   

Our attitudes, lifestyle, and level of connection our inner self is what determines true beauty. The purest and simplest form of beauty comes when we find inner peace.

But there are also pure and simple ways to cultivate beauty from without. The skin is susceptible to many things, including poor dietary choices, hereditary factors, and environmental toxins. And there are definitely times when an external boost can be helpful where the goal is to make our radiance more obvious. Contrary to popular belief, expensive chemical products are not needed in order to accomplish this. Nature has all we need to soften, purify, and polish the skin.

Turmeric, a brightly-color rhizome has been used by women in India for generations. Also called ‘haldi’, turmeric is used for the purpose of adding flavor, color, and nutritional value to many traditional Indian dishes. It is also used in that and other countries as a dye for traditional wedding ceremonies and other rites of passage. And turmeric is used daily by Indian women who want the smooth complexions and soft skin which they have become famous for. Thos potent herb can be used in many ways to heal and improve the look of skin; below are just a few of the many.


1. Wrinkle Reduction

When combined with an acid and a fat, curcumin, turmeric’s active ingredient can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

To use, simply mix a little turmeric powder with an equal portion of rice flour or clay. Add a small amount of coconut milk and a squeeze of fresh tomato juice (minus the seeds), lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and make a paste. Apply the paste to areas where wrinkles or fine lines appear, allowing to dry before carefully rinsing with warm water. Following treatment, apply vitamin E, rosehip, castor or sweet almond oil to treated areas.


2. Eliminate Dark Circles

Eliminating dark circles requires a combination of turmeric with a cultured fat and sugar, which will lighten the skin under eyes.

Mix a small amount of turmeric powder with sweetened coconut kefir or yogurt and honey. Apply in a thick layer to the skin under eyes and to any other dark spots. Let sit until dry. Once dry, rinse well with warm water and apply rosehip oil, castor oil, or carrot seed oil to treated areas.


3. Improve Skin’s Texture

Turmeric can both improve skin’s texture and work to even facial skin tone. With regular use of this exfoliating scrub, rough spots will soften over time. This recipe combines the smoothing power of turmeric with the humectants in honey.

Mix turmeric powder with an equal parts powdered oats, adding raw organic honey. Add water until a paste can be made.  Gently rub mixture over the entire face, excluding the lips and under the eyes. Under-eye skin can be treated simultaneously using recipes 1 or 2 above. Once dry, rinse well with warm water and carefully pat dry. Following treatment, apply natural moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.


4. Burn Treatment

Because turmeric has antiseptic properties, applying it to burns can help them heal more quickly, and with less scarring. There are two ways to make this treatment depending on what materials you have available.


Fresh Turmeric:

Mix finely-grated or juiced fresh turmeric root with equal parts Aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf. Blend ingredients in a blender, food processor or clean coffee grinder to make a pulpy gel.


Packaged Turmeric:

Mix turmeric powder with an equal parts Aloe Vera gel. Ensure that gel is alcohol-free to prevent further dehydration of burned skin. Choose a brand of gel designed to be taken internally.

Apply the mixture to affected areas several times daily, keeping these areas as moist as possible until pain completely subsides and normal skin texture returns. Keep mixture in a sealed jar in refrigerator between uses.


5. Dry Skin Relief

Turmeric works very well for softening extremely dry patches of skin, such as that on the heels and soles of the feet.

Mix turmeric powder with castor oil or melted shea butter. Apply mixture to feet just before going to bed. Cover feet with old socks, as mixture will stain. Wear socks overnight, rinsing feet well in the morning before applying more shea butter or castor oil.

Other dry body parts can be treated by rubbing the mixture in well and allowing to sit for as long as possible, at least 15 minutes. Rinse well and moisturize again.


6. Eliminate Stretch Marks

Use turmeric to return elasticity to the skin and helps stretch marks heal.

Mix turmeric powder into coconut yogurt or coconut oil with a little fresh lemon juice, and apply to stretch marks daily.

As with any natural remedy, using turmeric to heal skin will take time. Results may not become apparent for days or weeks, but once they appear, lasting results without side effects other than staining will occur. It’s always a good idea to be careful with clothes and porcelain surfaces when working with turmeric. Any skin discoloration will resolve itself within a day.

Mother Nature has provided us with countless ways to care for ourselves both inside and out. And while true beauty does come from within, turmeric can help us to make our skin as flawless as possible.


This post is contributed by Ron McDiarmid, who is the founder of My Healthy Living Coach. Having had health challenges along the way Ron was keen to share the research and learning he gathered. Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them. Check out his website at www.myhealthylivingcoach.com.


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