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Creating an Environment to Study : Guide to success

  • October 2, 2012
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Creating an Environment to Study : Guide to success

Studying and concentrating in books is not a piece of cake for everybody. It often takes a lot of determination and focus to start studying regularly in a flow. ” One day you are in a great mood to study , you do study that day, and next day you are distracted away. May be due to a movie, a football match or an outing, or a party that is a regular part of student life.” The most important thing is Consistency and flow.  Once you pick up the flow, studying starts becoming an addiction. This does happen and I’m sure many of you have realized this once . But once the rhythm is broken its the same again.

How to Create an Environment to study at Home:

Creating a good study environment is more difficult than in a library. Here are some things you can do to create a better study place at home.

1. Choose a room that is well-lighted , well ventilated and isolated from other rooms.

2. Ensure a fan for summer and a heater for winter in the room.

3. Ensure that the noise from a Television set is kept out of the room. This is the most important source of distraction.

4.Install  a study table near a window that gives best view of outside like a Natural spot, a hill, a cluster of trees, garden etc. Avoid windows facing the road or busy market. Window is important as it keeps you fresh and gives a rest to your eyes. After focusing on the book you need a far vision to relax your eyes. This should be done intermittently.

5. Keep things you will need in the same room. Laptop, Books, Water, some Snacks etc so that you will not need to go search for them out of the room.

6. If you are a lover of music and if music boosts you, play so soothing music in optimal volume. Instrumental music are best as they do not distract mind.

7. You can change the orientation of the room when ever you are bored and each time new setup boost your concentration.

8. Use the peaceful hours to study, early morning and the night time. These are the best yielding time.

9. The study place can be in the same room where you sleep, Bedroom. You just need to orient the room well.

10. Seat should be comfortable with arm and leg rest. A revolving chair will be better.

11. Make a poster of things you need to access frequently on a near by wall. Keep a note pad on the table where you can make note of key things.

12. Have an internet access on the same area . Internet is the vital part of studies now.

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