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Nepal Student Life

Cost of Admission in Medical Colleges of Nepal

2018: For International Students at Manipal( MCOMS)   2017 Update All fees are in Nepali currency. Tribhuvan University and Affiliated Colleges- Fee list. The fee for MBBS program for the academic year 2073/74 is as follows: MaharajugnJ Medical Campus (Full Paying): Rs. 35,00,000 Affiliated Medical Colleges (Inside Valley): Rs. 35,00,000 Affiliated Medical Colleges (Outside Valley): […]

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Infections Microbiology

Zika Virus -Brief Overview of Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Prevention

Problem Statement Zika Virus was first identified in a febrile rhesus monkey in Zika Forest of Entebbe, Uganda in 1947. Between Jan 1, 2007 and 17th Feb 2016, a total of 48 countries and territories documented Zika Virus transmission. From Nov-2015 to Feb-2016, a total of 5280 cases of microcephaly was reported in Brazil, including […]

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Simplified Approach to Post Mortem Findings in Toxicology –With Mnemonics

Toxicology is one of the less discussed and underrated topics in Forensic Medicine during entire 3rd year. Due to hectic postings and classes in Major subjects, most of the medical students often miss studying this topic until the board exam approaches the door. From exam point of view, Toxicology is really important subject as it […]

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Repeatedly Asked Topics in USMLE Step 1 – Online Forum trends 2010-2014

These are some of the buzzing topics and trends found in online USMLE forums since 2010. The topics below represent experiences of people who have taken their Step 1 test.  For your ease we’ve tried to search those topics on FA and have provided respective page numbers. Asterisks have been put on ultra HY topics. […]

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anti-cancer agents

3 Conditions You Might Mistake for Cancer

    Someone rightly said, “People live with cancer than they die from it”.  Cancer is one of those conditions which are often associated with fear and even stigma.  The good thing about increased expansion of online medical information in recent years is it has made people aware of their health and diseased conditions. But on the […]

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    Resting Membrane Potential, Action Potential and Ionic Basis

    Resting Membrane Potential (RMP) There exists a potential difference across the cell membrane in all the living cells in resting conditions which is known as resting membrane potential. The value of RMP normally varies from 5 millivolts(mV) to -100 millivolts(mV). The value mainly depends upon the type of the cell. The value of RMP in […]

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    Disease Awareness

    Top 5 Worst Diseases Of History

    Throughout history mankind has suffered the mortal effects of ravaging diseases brought on by number of factors ranging from animals to one single human host. Given below are the five worst diseases that have plagued humankind in recorded history. Most of them have taken the lives of millions of people of this planet. Some of […]

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