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Skin Care : Beauty Tips

Skin has 3 layers : epidermis, dermis  and hypodermis. Epidermis the top most layer contains melanocytes which gives brown tint to the skin. Below it is dermis which has fibrous tissue , collagen and elastin. Hypodermis the deepest layer containing connective tissue and fat ...Read More

Skin Care in Pregnancy

Various Skin problems are likely to arise during pregnancy ranging from pigmentation,acne  to stretch marks which are mostly result of hormonal activity and weight gain. Tips for Skin care in Pregnancy- SKIN IN PREGANCY: gentle cleansing specially glycerine based and rinse off.moisture and apply ...Read More

Care of Lips and Body

LIPS: It must be scrubbed by using a baby tooth brush. Apply coriander over lips for pink lips. Always use SPF lip balm. For that pout: remove dead cells by baby brush, next slather lip balm and then apply lipstick over everywhere except the ...Read More