Day: August 11, 2010

Eye development

Development of Nervous System : Embryology

Nervous system is one of the earliest systems to begin development and the last to be completed after birth. The entire nervous system develops from the ectoderm. Ectoderm forms the neural plate during 3rd week of development. Neural groove forms in the midline of the neural plate, either side of which are the neural folds. Groove […]

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MgSO4 in management of Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia

MANAGING SEVERE PRE-ECLAMPSIA AND ECLAMPSIA WITH MgSO4     LOADING DOSE • Take 4 gm MgSO4 IV as 20% solution • Take one 20ml syringe • Draw 4 ampules of MgSO4 50%= 8ml= 4gm into the syringe • Add 12 ml water for inj to make it 20% • Give IV slowly over 5 minutes […]

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