Day: January 14, 2010

Nepal Student Life

MBBS/BDS Entrance Exam Curriculum by MOE (Nepal)

  PHYSICS   Group (A) Mechanics   General concept of physical quantities, Vector algebra Laws of Motion, Application of Newton’s laws, Work, Energy and Power, Projectile motion Circular Motion, Motion round a banked track and in vertical circle Newton’s law of gravitation, Variation of ‘g’ with altitude and depth, Satellites, Gravitational potential energy, Escape velocity, […]

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Earthquake In Haiti: Medical Challenges that Can Erupt

   The strongest earthquake in more than 200 years rocked Haiti yesterday sweeping away thousands of lives in no time. Several hospitals were reported seriously damaged, and others are swamped with casualties. One of the major concerns now is the medical/health problems that can erupt as a consequence of this disaster. The fact that Haiti […]

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