Speciality Hospitals in Nepal: 2016

Recently Nepal has developed a battery of sub and super-speciality hospitals claiming to provide specialized services. Here goes the list:

Infectious disease Hospital

  1. Sahid Sukraraj Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku
  2. Nepal TB Center, Gatthaghar
  3. Leprosy center, Anandaban Hospital

Children Hospitals

  1. Kanti Children Hospital, Maharajgunj
  2. Ishan Children and Women Hospital, Basundhara
  3. International Friendly Children Hospital, Maharajunj
  4. Siddhi Smriti Hospital, Bhaktapur
  5. Siddartha Women and children hospital, Butwal
  6. Niko children Hospital, Chitwan
  7. RK children Hospital, Biratnagar

Cancer Hospitals


  1. Bharatpur Cancer Hospital, Chitwan
  2. Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Bhaktapur
  3. Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Harishiddi
  4. Kathmandu Cancer Center, Tathali, Bhaktapur

Neuro- Hospitals

  1. National Institute of Neurology and allied sciences,Bansbari
  2. Annapurna Neuro Hospital, Maitighar
  3. Dirghayu Guru Hospital, Gaushala
  4. Kathmandu Neurocenter and Polyclinic, Baghbazar

Women’s Hospital ( Maternity)

  1. Paropakar maternity Hospital ( Prashuti Griha ), Thapathali
  2. Patan Hospital, Patan
  3. Valley maternity Hospital, Putalisadak
  4. Om Hospital and research center, Chabahil

Cardiac Centers


  1. Sahid Gangalal National Heart center, Bansbari
  2. Manmohan Cardiac thoracic and vascular center, TUTH premises
  3. Norvic International Hospital, Thapathali

Rheumatology center

  1. National center for Rheumatological diseases ( NCRD) , Ratopul
  2.  Aarogya Bathrog centre, Jawalakhel
  3. Gosaikunda Health care centre (Rheumatology & Endocrine center), Gongabu

Endocrine Centers:

  1. Metrocity Hospital, Maharajgunj
  2. Kathamdnu Diabetes and Thyroid center, Alka Hospital, Jawlakhel
  3. Diabetes, thryoid and endocrinology care center, Kupondole
  4. Nepal Diabetes Thyroid and Endocrine Centre Thapathali

Orthopedics Hospitals:

  1. Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Jorpati
  2. B n B Hospital, Gwarko
  3. Chirayu Hospital, Basundhara
  4. Greencity Hospital, Basundhara

In-vitro Fertilization services

  1. Om Hospital and Research center, Chabahil
  2. Grande International Hospital, Dhapasi
  3. Alka Hospital ( Starting )

ENT centers

  1. Kathmandu ENT hospital, Adwaitmarg, Old bus park
  2. CHEERS, Gathaghar

Burn and Plastic surgery:

  1. Sushma Koirala Memorial plastic and reconstructive surgery services, Sankhu
  2. Phect, Model Hospital
  3. Bir Hospital


Eye centers

  1. Tilganga Institue of Opthalmology
  2. BP Koirala Eye center, TUTH
  3. CHEERS, Gathaghar
  4. Numerous centers

Dermatology centers

  1. Di-Skin Hospital, Maharjgung
  2. Nepal Skin Hospital, Madanbhandari road
  3. Nepal Korea Skin Hospital
  4. Clinics not included in the list.

Psychiatry Hospital

  1. Mental Hospital, Lagankhel
  2. Rhythm Neuropsychiatry Hospital and Research Center, Ekantakuna

Nephrology centers

  1. National Kidney Center, Banasthali

Human Organ transplant centers

  1. Human Organ transplant centers, Bhaktapur – Renal transplant
  2. TUTH, Renal transplant
  3. Corneal transplant- done in most of eye hospitals in Nepal.
  4. Bone Marrow transplant- (Claimed but not proven)

Trauma center

  1. Bir Hospital

The Article is compilation by a team of doctors, Please add if you feel anything is missing in the comment section. Qualifying hospitals will be added to the list.


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