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MBBS Guide : Topics for Gyne/Obs Exam

MBBS Guide : Topics for Gyne/Obs Exam

Placenta anatomy, functions, umbilical cord and abnormalities (Viva)
Physiological changes in Pregnancy and normal puerperium
Human chorionic gonadotrophin and Urine pregnancy test
Terminologies used in History and Examination (Viva)
Labor vs False labor vs Braxton-Hicks contraction and D/d of acute abdomen in pregnancy
2 methods of placental separation
Mechanism of normal labor (Theory and viva)
Signs of placental separation
Active management of third stage labor and Postpartum hemorrhage
Hyperemesis …

MBBS Guide: Topics for Pediatrics Exam

MBBS Guide: Topics for Pediatrics Exam

Besides internal medicine, you need to learn about conditions specific to children and neonates – This is Pediatrics; vast and sensitive subject. As we have limited time before the exam, it may not be possible to revise all the topics. Below is a list of topics in Pediatrics, you should not miss while appearing for the exams. These topics must …

Saving a Preterm baby: Ethical ego vs Darwinism

Saving a Preterm baby: Ethical ego vs Darwinism

As a doctor we do our best for patients. As in many surgical cases of Neurosurgery, Oncology cases, we are faced with issue of reality vs ethical egoism. Is survival the outcome or survival with out the disability. Let’s look at it from the realistic view and view of the patient attendant and view of tomorrow.  Everyone is bound ethically, …

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