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Dr Ritika : Truth about MCI NMC Inspection

Dr Ritika : Truth about MCI NMC Inspection

Cartoon created by Dr Ritika, Undermines the truth of Medical Council Inspection in Medical colleges in countries like India and Nepal. The Happier the Inspector is, the better it is for Medical college. The Medical College treats the Inspection like..
Rest the cartoon speaks it all.


All pictures are copyrighted to Dr Ritika and are not available for use in any website, blogs, …

The Stages of Addiction Treatment

The Stages of Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex disease associated with a variety of causes, effects and complications. And due to the complex nature of this illness, treatment can involve a number of methods and approaches. For example, in addition to addressing the physical effects of substance abuse and addiction, a successful recovery requires psychological treatment, as well.
Keep reading to learn more about the …

Tips for Outsmarting Cancer

Tips for Outsmarting Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can be a terrifying one. Often when we hear the word cancer, we think of a lower life expectancy rate, decreased quality of life, and endless treatments and therapies. However, cancer doesn’t have to be so scary.

With modern medical advances, cancer is more preventable and treatable than ever. Many cancers, if caught in the early stages, …

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