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A Ventilated patient’s State of Mind ” Illusion and Sedation”

A Ventilated patient’s State of Mind ” Illusion and Sedation”

A patient on Mechanical ventilator struggling for life, dreams of the lands beyond the bound of the restriction of life. Was it his travel and back from the body? Was is the morphine effect?

Laying down on the cool green grass, eyes fixed at the sky, stars fixed at my eyes.. as I stare.. until eyes blink spontaneously. Those stars I …

“A lot of Expectations” an MBBS student’s story

“A lot of Expectations” an MBBS student’s story

Sanjeet read a notice about their upcoming university examination to be held starting from August 26. He is a final year MBBS student and after reading this notice, he started to feel panic. He got very tensed thinking about the vast curriculum which he must finish studying within 25 days of exam preparation leave starting from tomorrow. So, he planned …

Microbiology of Rabies Virus

Microbiology of Rabies Virus


Belongs to genera “lyssavirus” of family “rhabdoviridae”
Bullet shaped
Nucleocapsid shows helical symmetry
ssRNA (single stranded RNA) virus
Outer lipoprotein envelope contains protruding hemagglutinating peplomer spikes

Street and Fixed virus Comparison:

Basis of difference
Street virus
Fixed virus

Freshly isolated viruses from natural human or animal infection that has not undergone any modification in the laboratory
Strains adapted to laboratory animals by several serial intracerebral passages in rabbits


Incubation period
Long …

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