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How to Recover from Prescription Drug Abuse

How to Recover from Prescription Drug Abuse

Addiction to prescription drugs is an issue faced by millions of Americans each and every day. And if you’re one of those affected, you know the toll repeated substance abuse can take on your body and mind. Indeed, with life-threatening complications and a severe impact to overall well-being, prescription drug abuse a serious illness.
However, effective treatment is available. Keep reading …

New Procedures That Are Revolutionizing Medicine

New Procedures That Are Revolutionizing Medicine

Medical science is progressively making rapid technological advancements aimed at revolutionizing and streamlining existing medical procedures. Previously unheralded medication, treatments and procedures are being developed and introduced at a very expeditious rate.
Stakeholders in the industry are working harder than ever to come up with procedures and medications aimed at providing cheaper, faster and more effective patient care. New procedures introduced …

Symptoms of Pregnancy : Early symptoms

Symptoms of Pregnancy : Early symptoms

Symptomatic Diagnosis of Pregnancy- General readers section : Simplified
Diagnosis of pregnancy can be made by some presumptive symptoms seen during early pregnancy . These subjective symptoms are common complaint of the pregnant women.
Missed Period , Absence of Menses or Amenorrhea ( Medical term) – In a women with normal reproductive health,  when period is missed , pregnancy should first come to …

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