MgSO4 in management of Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia


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• Take 4 gm MgSO4 IV as 20% solution
• Take one 20ml syringe
• Draw 4 ampules of MgSO4 50%= 8ml= 4gm into the syringe
• Add 12 ml water for inj to make it 20%
• Give IV slowly over 5 minutes
Follow promptly with 10 gm as 50% MgSO4 deep IM
• Take two 10ml syringes
• Draw 5 amp of MgSO4 50% =10ml =5gm into each syringe
• Add 1 ml of 2% Lignocaine in each syringe
• Give deep IM in each buttock
• If further fits occur, give further 2 amp of MgSO4 50% =4ml =2gm IV slowly over 5 minutes
• 5gm as 50% MgSO4 deep IM in alternate buttocks every 4 hrly
• Take one 10ml syringe
• Draw 5 amp of MgSO4 50% =10ml =5gm into the syringe
• Add 1 ml of 2% lignocaine in that syringe
• Give deep IM in alternate buttocks every 4 hrly
• Continue same treatment for 24 hrs after delivery or the last convulsion, whichever is the last

BEFORE REPEATING MgSO4 ALWAYS monitor for toxicity. Withhold or delay if any of the following
• Respiratior rate <16/min
• Patellar reflexes absent
• Urine output < 30ml/hr

If respiratory arrest:
• Assist ventilation with bag and mask or intubation
• Give calcium gluconate 1 gm ( 10ml of 10%) IV slowly until respiration begins.

Source: USAID and ACCESS

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  1. Dr. Jason Alan Graves | August 14, 2010 at 4:20 am | Reply

    I really appreciate how well the procedure was broken down, particularly the steps to dilute the magnesium sulfate into a 20% solution. This was one of the things I found difficult to learn in med school. Numbers and their manipulation are my kryptonite. To this day even I think I spend too much time worrying and double and triple checking just to be sure my therapy will be correct.

  2. Preeclampsia information you provided really helped us. Thank you very much

  3. a 21 yr was operated for lscs. After 18 hrs, she developed diminished vision.bp-140/90 pr-84 pupil equal and reactive. And 15 minutes later got convulsions lasting for 1 minute. Would you please elaborate

  4. Dr.Nilesh Wagh | August 30, 2014 at 4:58 am | Reply

    Thank you so much Sir!
    I was searching for this dilution method since a year. Books & Other websites has given the doses and schedule.
    You have cleared my doubt about dilution. Thanks.

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