Medical and health blogging has bloomed in last few years. The purpose of building your own website can be:-

1. Create your profile in the internet, where you could be found via search and your credentials and works can be displayed to the people.
2. Some writers like to blog their work on regular basis. Remember, blogger and facebook contents aren’t your own. Only your own website with domain name can be claimed as your own.
3. You can also involve in internet marketing, advertising and promotions once your blog/website start to get a steady number of readers.
4. You will have an opportunity to learn wordpress and move ahead with technology.
5. Link your facebook, twitter, linkedin profile and visiting cards to your own website.
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1. You need a domain name and webspace to host your account.
2. All you need is to order.
3. Price for a website with domain name will be- Rs 3500

You can contact us via [email protected] if you are in Nepal or India.

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