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Akinetopsia – Ghost Images

Akinetopsia – Ghost Images

Similar to visualizing the world in snapshots – akinetopsia also known as motion blindness is a rare neuropsychiatric condition characterized by an impairment of motion perception and may apparently seem like a supernatural phenomenon. The ghost sightings and disappearances following alien abduction are some of the misinterpretations that may arise due to this condition. As shown in the video above, …

Spontaneous human combustion – Wick Effect

Spontaneous human combustion – Wick Effect

Burnt to death but the incident is neither explainable as suicide, homicide or an accident – Have you ever come across something like this? Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) may somewhat explain it but adds more to the confusion as the intriguing phenomenon itself is not completely understood and many also support the claim against it’s in-existence. I first heard about …

Two Faced Edward Mordrake : Case of Craniopagus or Myth?

Two Faced Edward Mordrake : Case of Craniopagus or Myth?

As you know my condition is rare, because I was born with an extra limb in my body, a second face in the back of my head. It is a face that has always been there with the eyes open, as if was death. In 20 years of my life I never thought it would become so terrible until a few years ago, that …

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