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Symptoms of Pregnancy : Early symptoms

Symptoms of Pregnancy : Early symptoms

Symptomatic Diagnosis of Pregnancy- General readers section : Simplified
Diagnosis of pregnancy can be made by some presumptive symptoms seen during early pregnancy . These subjective symptoms are common complaint of the pregnant women.
Missed Period , Absence of Menses or Amenorrhea ( Medical term) – In a women with normal reproductive health,  when period is missed , pregnancy should first come to …

Medical Mystery Explained: When Pregnancy is a Big Surprise

Medical Mystery Explained: When Pregnancy is a Big Surprise

TLC and Discover Health both have aired the now extremely popular show “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” The show, which features two or more women who endure the entire term of their pregnancy without knowing they were expecting at all. The popularity of this particular show is perhaps yet another extension of well-received reality, health-based shows like Obsessed, which …

Puerperal pyrexia and its causes

Puerperal pyrexia and its causes

Puerperal Pyrexia : Short Summary and Causes
Puerperium is a period following child birth during which body tissues especially the pelvic organs revert back approximately to pre-pregnant state both anatomically and physiologically. Normally, it lasts for 6 weeks after delivery.

What is puerperal pyrexia?
also called childbed fever, is a  rise of temperature reaching 100.4 degree Fahrenheit  or 38 degree celcius measured orally on 2 …

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